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Supplier Development

TMMIN cooperates to assist the suppliers in implementing improvement and refinement of safety management, quality, delivery, and productivity of work in order to maintain and improve the competitiveness of our business partners. These activities, among others, include training, repair group, and also benchmarking.
In addition, TMMIN also conducts training of manufacturing management, especially regarding the implementation of Lean Manufacturing and improvement of production shop floor.



TMMIN considers the suppliers as part of a large family in which we build long-term relationships by helping each other.
With the spirit of mutual help, TMMIN and suppliers implement improvement activities for the common good.
Problem experienced by the suppliers is also a problem for TMMIN.

  • Happyoukai Activity - Supplier's Top Management Visit to Karawang Plant
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    Happyoukai Activity - Supplier's Top Management Visit to Karawang Plant


With a passion to grow together, TMMIN shares experiences and competencies to the suppliers by conducting Jishuken activities through the establishment of joint improvement group in order that the suppliers could be more independent.

  • Mr. Warih, TMMIN President Director <em>Genba</em> Check to supplier
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    Mr. Warih, TMMIN President Director Genba Check to supplier


To strengthen relationship and facilitate communication with suppliers, on July 2, 1987 TMMIN established an independent nonprofit organization namely Toyota Manufacturers Club (TM Club). By means of TM Club, TMMIN organized integrated educational and communication programs for employees, management and our suppliers in order to improve their competencies, thus we could excel together.

  • Benchmarking Activity among suppliers
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    Benchmarking Activity among suppliers