Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

23 February 2016

2016 TMMIN Logistics Vendor Appreciation

2016 TMMIN Logistics Vendor Appreciation

2016 TMMIN Logistics Vendor Appreciation


Jakarta, February 23, 2016 - Located at TMMIN Head Office, Export Import Division (EID) and General Affairs Division (GAD) joined together organized an event called "2016 TMMIN Logisitics Vendor Appreciation".

This event is a form of appreciation to the best vendors (logistics partner and export-import vendor) who had participated in all Logistics Vendor Development Programme activities from early 2015 ago. Logistics Vendor Development Program, focused on 3 development areas: Work Place development, HR development and Team Work development.

As known before that TMMIN has the principle of "harmonious partnership" on maintaning relationship with its stakeholders. With this principle, Toyota Indonesia not only focus on running the business, but also a concern for the development of  the vendors that associated with all TMMIN activities .

"2016 TMMIN Logisitics Vendor Appreciation" opened by performers who gained applause from the invited guests ( TMMIN Member, TLC and the vendor). Then the ceremony continued with the opening speech from Mr. Masahiro Nonami as President Director TMMIN. After that the event continue to the symbolic handover to the vendor.

The event proves that TMMIN constantly trying to do the best to build on the success together. TMMIN also look forward to a whole series of events that have been implemented can also motivate the vendor to provide the best service in the future and grow together with TMMIN.