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09 April 2021

50th of Toyota in Indonesia Committed To Present Mobility Happiness for All

50th of Toyota in Indonesia Committed To Present Mobility Happiness for All

Jakarta (4/9) – Having been growing up together with the Indonesian people for the past 50 years, Toyota, which has always met the needs of the community from the past until now, is transforming itself from a traditional car company into a mobility company. As a mobility company, Toyota is committed to delivering not only ever better products, but also total mobility solutions that are innovative and provide added value, in line with the trends and needs of an increasingly complex society.


"Thank you to the Indonesian people who have always trusted Toyota to be able to meet their mobility needs for the past 50 years. Hand in hand with the Indonesian people, we are grateful that Toyota can actively participate in developing the national automotive industry and also supports economic and social growth in Indonesia. As a mobility company, we are committed to not only meeting the needs of transportation, but also the mobility needs of an increasingly complex society, including their lifestyle and the preservation of their environment. In the future, we will not only present ever better products, but also an enjoyable and personalized mobility solutions for the Indonesian people,” said President Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), Susumu Matsuda.


Toyota Indonesia is determined to always make a socio-economic contribution to the Indonesian nation through the development of the automotive industry. Starting off as an importer in 1971, in the next 50 years Toyota Indonesia is growing with local suppliers to deepen the industry by increasing local content in order to create additional jobs to encourage economic growth in Indonesia. The complete cars assembly of Toyota Indonesia began in 1976, followed by the production of engines in 1982 and several export parts and spare parts. Now Toyota Indonesia is supported by 5 factories that produce 6 Toyota models, 2 types of gasoline engines, components, spare parts and production aids aimed at meeting the needs of Indonesian consumers and global consumers in 80 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Middle East.


"For Toyota, Indonesia is a" second home country "and has a very important role. Toyota Indonesia has become one of the premier production and export bases for Toyota vehicles. Of course, we cannot achieve this position without the assistance of the Indonesian Government which always provides support and convenience in industrial development, including in export activities. We want to make a more real contribution to the nation and people of Indonesia for the next 50 years and beyond, in any situation through cooperation with various parties and continue to establish harmonious relationships with the Government and all other stakeholders to realize 'Mobility happiness for all'. We also continue to develop local supply chains including small and medium enterprises for components and materials, particularly to face the future challenges," said President Director of PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN), Warih Andang Tjahjono.


Toyota products have been used by Indonesians since 50 years ago. Over time, many things have changed during Toyota's 50 year journey in Indonesia. For example, in the past, the majority of Indonesians needed a vehicle as a means of transportation to support mobility, whether done in short or long distances such as homecoming, or in terrain that was quite difficult to pass. And in the past, when people wanted to have a car, they had to buy, either new or second, with the option of cash or credit payment methods.


Now, people's mobility needs have grown to be more diversed. Many Indonesians need easier, safer and more convenient mobility support services, including digital ones. For example, in this pandemic era, people need contactless experience to explore the features of Toyota products and easiness to buy a car. Therefore, Toyota presents a digital platform for product exploration through the Toyota Live Showroom and a digital car purchase program through the Toyota Virtual Expo.


Society needs has and will continue to evolve, where many of them need ease of mobility without having to own a car that can be accessed with one click. Seeing this need, Toyota presents KINTO One which provides new hassle-free options with added value for people who want to use a car without having to think about the maintenance and other costs, through a subscription system that can be easily accessed digitally.


"Our commitment to support the mobility of the Indonesian people for 50 years begins with the cooperation between Toyota and Astra as well as the support of other partners, government and society, to provide the best service for customers and contribute to the country. In the future, we are committed to be able to continue to provide mobility solutions not only to customers, but also to all society, through the products and services that we will provide. This includes presenting a complete electrification option so that people can choose based on their needs as well as a commitment to continue to popularize this electrification technology to the wider society, "said Vice President Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), Henry Tanoto.


In facing the future of electrification and the mobility business, Toyota Indonesia will also continue to develop local supply chains for components and materials. The involvement of Small Medium Enterprise in the supply chain is also increasingly important and needs to get greater support. Especially since Toyota Indonesia is currently preparing the local production of the Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) model in 2022 for both domestic and export markets.


Toyota Popularize Electrification Technology


Since transforming itself into a mobility company, Toyota is committed to providing comprehensive mobility solutions, including those related to electrification technology. As a realization of this commitment, on this 50th anniversary, Toyota is presenting integrated ecotourism with Toyota electrification products through the EV Smart Mobility project in Bali.


In this Smart Mobility EV project, Toyota has prepared 3 line-ups of Toyota electrified vehicles, both using Battery EV (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) technology. In total, there are 30 units of Toyota electrified vehicles that can be used by the user, consisting of 20 units of Toyota COMS (BEV), 5 units of Toyota C+pod, and 5 units of Toyota Prius PHEV.


The EV Smart Mobility project is expected not only to provide opportunities for the wider soceity to experience the pleasant sensation of driving using Toyota's electrified products, but also to participate in the recovery process of the tourism industry and environmental preservation in Bali, as well as to popularize electrification to the wider soceity.


In addition, for Toyota, the key to developing the automotive industry is qualified Human Resources. In line with the philosophy of "Make People Before Make Product," Toyota Indonesia has built various learning facilities such as a Learning Center to increase competence, formed a national-level certification body in collaboration with BNSP (National Institution of Profession Certification), and presented the Toyota Indonesia Academy (TIA), namely vocational schools that produce competitive human resources in responding to the challenges of the latest technological developments. Toyota also helps introduce the industrial world to schools and universities through curriculum development, laboratories and vocational programs in order to introduce new technology to prepare competencies so that they are ready to face future challenges for better and more advanced Indonesia.


One of the efforts to support human resources development in this era of electrification is the introduction of the xEV Center as the First Electrification Technology Learning Center in Indonesia. Through the xEV Center, it is hoped that awareness of the electrification industry in Indonesian society can be formed, especially for academics and students. The xEV Center is equipped with virtual tour facilities so that it can be easily accessed by the public, government, students, vocational school students, and soceity throughout Indonesia.


Toyota Present Kijang Innova Limited Edition 50th Anniversary


The journey of the Toyota Kijang from the first generation to the last generation has now become a success story of the work of the Indonesian people in meeting the dynamics of people's mobility needs.


To celebrate with the 50th anniversary of Toyota's journey in Indonesia, Toyota launched 50 units of the Kijang Innova Limited Edition as part of a symbol of Toyota's commitment to always prioritizing the spirit of growing together with the Indonesian people.


Using the Kijang Innova Reborn as a base, this Kijang Innova Limited Edition will be available on the Kijang Innova V Luxury Gasoline AT and Venturer Diesel AT. This special edition comes with a gold sticker as a symbol of Toyota Indonesia's 50th anniversary. This sticker is specially designed with a motive that depicts the journey of the Toyota Kijang from Generation 1 to Generation 6 today.


Toyota Provide Total Mobility Solution for Indonesian Society


Over time, many things have changed during Toyota's 50 year journey in Indonesia. In the past, when people wanted to have a car, they had to visit a dealer or shop and buy, either new or second, with the option of cash or credit payment methods.


Now, many people need easier, safer and more convenient ways of purchasing a car, that can be accessed with one click and easier mobility support services, including digital ones. For this reason, Toyota provides services in digital platforms such as the Toyota Live Showroom, Toyota Virtual Expo, Halobeng, mTOYOTA, and Toyota Interactive Virtual Assistant (TARRA).


Toyota Offer New Mobility Solution with Usership Concept through KINTO One


When KINTO One, Toyota’s hassle-free subscription service, was launched in 2020, Toyota's main target was to increase society awareness, especially for those who want to use a car without owning it, toward the new choice mobility solutions with Toyota’s usership concept. However, unexpectedly, many people are interested in KINTO One. Seeing this, Toyota expanded KINTO One services by presenting KINTO One Ekonomis which offers added value in the form of a more affordable subscription fee starting from IDR 2.5 million and a more flexible subscription duration of 1 year.


It does not stop there, in the moment of Toyota's 50th anniversary in Indonesia, Toyota has again expanded KINTO One services by presenting KINTO One Syariah specifically for the Indonesian people. KINTO One Syariah offers subscription fee concept with sharia principles. So now, people have more complete choice to have hassle-free mobility by subscribing to KINTO One, KINTO One Ekonomis, or KINTO One Syariah based on their individual needs.


Toyota Fulfill Society Mobility by Providing Many Sales Program


In addition, Toyota also presents various sales programs to express its appreciation and to meet the mobility needs of the society. In the second quarter of 2021, Toyota provides a leasing program for people who will buy Agya, Calya, and Corolla Cross gasoline. For the purchase of Agya and Calya, a special rate is given with installments of IDR 2 million per month. And specifically for purchasing Calya from April to May 2021, customers will also get free installments starting from IDR 2.8 million. Meanwhile, Corolla Cross gasoline is given a special rate of 3.7%.


Furthermore, Toyota also offers financing options through the Deal Cermat Program. Customers can own Toyota vehicles with installments starting from IDR 2 million per month which includes service packages and all-risk insurance during the financing tenor. Not only that, Deal Cermat provides a guarantee for the resale price of customers car later. Special in the second quarter of 2021, the Deal Cermat program also provides special benefits in the form of free 1 month installments valid for Calya purchases. In the future, Toyota will work closely with all dealers and value chains to be able to provide total mobility solutions that are easily accessible for the society.


Toyota Prepare Aftersales Program as part of Total Mobility Solution


Customer satisfactions has always been and will continue to be among Toyota’s priorites. Therefore, Toyota not only providing vehicle ownership and usership programs, but also strives to continue to provide convenience and total mobility solution for the society through aftersales program.


By purchasing certain model of Toyota vehicles with a VIN/ frame number of 2020 production year onwards, customer's vehicle will automatically receive the "Free Periodic Service Fee" program until the 6th periodic service (with maximum 4 years/ 50,000 km, whichever is reached first).


In addition, Toyota also presents Toyota Indonesia 50 Year Appreciation Program in the form of 1) Free 1 Liter Synthetic Oil Promo for the purchase of periodic service bundling packages during April 2021 and a Lucky Draw Prize of 50 Gold Bars; 2) Tire discount promo of up to 30% specifically at Authorized Dealers that have Toyota Tire Solution services throughout April to May 2021; and 3) Discount program up to 10% for certain spare parts related to Safety & Health during the period of May and June 2021.


Toyota Support Sustainable Development Program in Indonesia


In line with the Government's efforts to realize Indonesia's 2045 vision and the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs, particularly in the social, economic and environmental sectors, Toyota Indonesia is actively carrying out its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.


With a focus on Environmental Protection and Social Inclusion which is supported by four (4) main pillars, namely Environment, Education, Safety Driving, and Community Development, Toyota is committed to developing CSR activities that have been carried out over the past 50 years, to be able to make a better contribution to Indonesian society for the next 50 years, especially in the environmental and social sectors.


For example in the environmental sector, in addition to consistently planting 1.6 million trees throughout Indonesia through the Toyota Forest program and providing an educational park and green open space for the society, Toyota will also strengthening efforts to conserve the environment by conserving biodiversity and reducing greenhouse gases and waste with responsible consumption patterns.


Meanwhile, in the social sector, Toyota's CSR activities are divided into two (2) focuses, namely education and the quality of life of the society. In the education focus, consistently since 2005 through the Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) and Toyota Dream Car Art Contest (TDCAC) programs, we invite students from schools throughout Indonesia to compete in producing environmental conservation projects.


In addition, since 1974 Toyota has helped provide access to education through scholarships distributed by the Toyota Astra Foundation. In the field of vocational education development, Toyota with the T-MEP (Toyota Manufacturing Education Program), T-TEP (Toyota Technical Education Program) program, and Industrial Culture Classes in several vocational high schools, which contribute in forming experienced & capable 'Ready to Work' vocational graduates working in the real world of industry.


Meanwhile, in the focus of quality of life for the society, Toyota wants to increase society empowerment by providing inclusive access to various needs and essential services such as clean water and sanitation, health and technology for the creation of an independent society.


In the future, Toyota Indonesia will continue to contribute to CSR activities through close collaboration with various parties so that together they can achieve a better quality of life for a better and more advanced Indonesia.

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