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03 September 2017

AKTI Luluskan 32 Mahasiswa Angkatan Kedua

AKTI Luluskan 32 Mahasiswa Angkatan Kedua

AKTI graduating 32 2nd batch college students

Akademi Komunitas Toyota Indonesia (AKTI) which is an automotive manufacturing academy made by PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN), celebrated the second batch graduation of Diploma 1 (D1) majoring in Automation Machine Maintenance Engineering for 32 students on August 30, 2017. Taking place at Auditorium Hall AKTI Karawang 3, the event was attended by Kopertis Coordinator (Private Univeristy Coordinator) Region IV West Java and Bandung Polman Representative accompanied by a number of management TMMIN and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) - Japan.

The AKTI students' journey is not easy. The students must experience through a tight selection of 500 candidates from all vocational high schools (SMK) in Indonesia, especially in Karawang area where TMMIN facilities are located. After the process of academic selection and interviews, 32 students consisting of 27 male students and 5 female students from 16 cities in 9 provinces are then entitled to education with the boarding school system free of charge for education.

The graduation is marked by handing the award certificates and medals given by Warih Andang Tjahjono, as the President Director of TMMIN who also serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of AKTI Foundation, and Amirul Chusni as the Director of AKTI. AKTI graduates are expected to outcome the challenge on improving the quality of certified experts in their respective fields. Simultaneously, the existence of AKTI is intended to be able to support the program and the government's goal of competent human resources needs and have specific expertise.

At the same time, AKTI also opens a new D2 equivalent program that is Four Wheeler Vehicle Production Technique. This expansion simultaneously reinforces the spirit and commitment of Toyota Indonesia to take an active role in accelerating the availability of experts in the automotive field.

The 3rd batch of AKTI has been selected and has started the learning period. They consist of 64 best students from 600 candidates who are screened from 12 provinces precisely from 30 vocational schools that spread over 21 cities. This amount is doubled from the previous generation and consists of 32 students D1 Department of Mechanical Engine Maintenance Engineering and 32 students D2 Department of Vehicle Production Engineering 4. This development in accordance with the target of AKTI in its initial establishment to absorb 100-150 learners each year so that in the next 10 years is expected to print at least 1,000 experts in automotive manufacturing that is ready to work into the industrial world.