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25 July 2017

Asia Pacific Skill Contest 2017

Asia Pacific Skill Contest 2017

Asia Pacific Skill Contest 2017

The Asia Pacific Skill Contest is an annual competition for Toyota technicians in the Asia Pacific region. This activity has been running since 2005 with participants by 12 Toyota affiliated companies from 8 countries in Asia Pacific, including Thailand, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, Pakistan and Vietnam. With this contest, the expectation is to motivate every Toyota affiliate company to continue to grow for the better.

This year, the Asia Pacific Skill Contest was held on 17 - 18 July 2017 in Thailand. A total of 164 contestants competing to be the best in the event. TMMIN itself includes 23 best contestants consisting of 12 Team Member and 11 Team Leader.

In this year, TMMIN once again managed to marked a positive record in terms of medals earning. TMMIN earned a total of 14 medals consisting of 6 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 2 bronze medals. From the 14 TMMIN medals that earned, 8 of them are inscribed by the first contestant to follow the Asia Pacific Skill Contest. With this acquisition, TMMIN was named runner-up and managed to maintain its position. Here's the list of TMMIN's medal achievements:

No Nama Medali Kategori
1 Gunawan Emas QC Engine TL
2 Nir Risno Emas QC Engine TM
3 Riyanto Emas Machining TL
4 Ifan K. Emas Casting TM
5 Casmadi Emas Welding TL
6 A. Sentot Emas QC Sus. TL
7 Sudaryanto Perak Casting TL
8 Romadhoni Perak Machining TM
9 Andri F. Perak Press TM
10 Unggul S. Perak QC Sus. TM
11 Dedi R. Perak QC Veh. TM
12 Arwan W. Perak Painting TL
13 M. Hamid Perunggu Press TL
14 Reza F. Perunggu Welding TM

Moving forward, TMMIN will continue to strive to improve the capabilities of its expertise and develop the character of its Human Resources so it can win more gold medals. Bravo TMMIN!