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16 February 2017

Employee CSR Competition (ECC) 2016

Employee CSR Competition (ECC) 2016

Jakarta -  Employee CSR Competition (ECC) once again was held with the tag line "Living with Harmonious Society" in accordance with its objectives, namely to bring employees to the surrounding environment through independent CSR programs. This event is a competition between employees, followed by Toyota Indonesia with the involvement of neighborhood residents on each team. The  program that contested was divided according to the four pillars of Toyota Indonesia CSR, the Environment, Education, Traffic Safety and Community Development.

The event is organized in several stages the begin with the proposals submission to then filtered by the committee to 20 best proposals. The best proposals take the form of a funding of IDR 10 million for each team to realize their idea (kick off). To arrange appropriate project, 20 teams participated in workshops on CSR and given training program. After 4 weeks, the CSR team and the jury did Genba (direct observation) to the place where the project is realized to make an assessment. The Assessment is based on several things, namely: project originality, benefits to the environment, the extent of the involvement of neighborhood residents, publications and excellence of the project for then to select the winner which consists of 3 major champion and second runner up. Announcement and awarding the prize awarding is held at the event on February 16, 2017.

In accordance with its tag line "Harmonious Living with Society", it is expected for the employees of Toyota Indonesia to be fused and useful for the people of Indonesia. Not only that, the appropriate CSR program is expected to foster a harmonious life in an environment where employees live.

TMMIN congratulate the winners on their achievements and positive impact that raise for the community.

Juara Team From Project
Juara 1 BPR Go Green TMMIN Head Office Wahana Agro Edukasi bagi Warga Bogor Park Resindence
Juara 2 PIDATO TMMIN Head Office & TAM Toyota Mendongeng
Juara 3 PICASO TMMIN Karawang Plant #1 Safety Campaign on The Road
Juara Harapan 1 Ayam Kremes Rebus TMMIN Head Office Toyota Flood Early Warning System
Juara Harapan 2 Mutiara Hati TAM Cibitung UKM Bandeng Pedas Khas Bekasi