Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

30 October 2015

Employee CSR Competition, Toyota Internal Competition Season II

Employee CSR Competition, Toyota Internal Competition Season II

ECC (Employee CSR Competition), Toyota Internal Competition Season II

For Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN), initiating Toyota employees to contribute to the environment through the ideas and programs that are community minded is a very important thing to do. Therefore, TMMIN-CSRO (Corporate Social Responsibilities Office) trigger an event titled Employee CSR Competition Awards (ECC Awards) which has been conducted successfully in September until October 2015 ago. The Shining team as a representative of Toyota Division Institute Indonesia finally emerged as the winner, with the theme of the program, Children Play Area Development. Very well Allocation resources and implementation of the program has been an important point for The Shinih team to gain victory. They managed to capture the participants both from residents and local government around.

The ECC Awards itself is a program initiated by TMMIN-CSRO since 2014. The ECC-shaped race that can only be followed by TMMIN employees and TAM in groups. With the ECC which takes place once in a year,it is expected that the employees to become an ambassador for the company in their respective neighborhoods.

In the final round will be selected the top 20 best proposals that were selected strictly by independent judges from LP3SI. Having obtained the 20 best proposals, they will be given a fund of 10 million to implement the project according to the proposal. The candidates were given 20 days to realize these projects. Self-assessment carried out directly at the project site during the visit of the jury, to choose five best projects. These five finalists who will compete for championship positions 1, 2 and 3. Champion 1 will receive additional money of 15 million, 2nd gets 10 million and 3rd Place gets 5 million. The ECC Awards main event, which is an award ceremony will be held at the office of TMMIN on 5th floor, on February 4, 2016.