Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

06 January 2017

Employe's Children Industrial visits

Employe's Children Industrial visits

Karawang  - Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) provide an opportunity for the society to visit TMMIN production activity in Karawang Plant 1 and 2. Usually, industrial visits opened for educational institutions School (SMA) and the University, but this time TMMIN are giving the opportunities for families employees to participate in this visit. Activities that started last year is a response to the many requests from companies to introduce Toyota employees and their work areas closer to their family.

On this occasion, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in collaboration with the Human Resources Division (HRD) organizes this  employees' children Industrial visits on January 6, 2017 and attended by around 95 people. This activity aims to introduce TMMIN and provide knowledge about the process of car production to the families of employees.

During the activity, the participants were given an introduction to the TMMIN and the understanding of the safety induction. Not only that, the children of employees are given the opportunity to do Genba around the factory area, such as the Press Shop, Assembly Shop and Welding Shop to see firsthand how the process of car production in TMMIN. With the holding of this event, it is expected for the children of employees can be more familiar with the work environment of his parents and add their knowledge into the process of car production.