Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

22 April 2017

For the 2nd Time TMMIN received "The Best Indonesia Green Award 2017"

For the 2nd Time TMMIN received

Jakarta - Toyota Indonesia is represented by PT. Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) and PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) once again successfuly getting 12 awards from 5 major categories and 1 best category in the assessment of Indonesia Green Awards (IGA) 2017 organized by La Tofi School of CSR on Wednesday (03/05). TAM and TMMIN were even awarded the title of "The Best Indonesia Green Awards 2017" after winning all the categories contested in IGA 2017. This award was handed over directly by the Chairman of The La Tofi School of CSR, Mr. La Tofi to PT TMMIN Corporate & External Affairs Director, Mr. I Made Dana Tangkas and Director of Finance & Administration PT. Toyota-Astra Motor, Mr. Darmawan Widjaja.

The IGA Awards are awarded to commemorate Earth Day every year on April 22nd. IGA 2017 this year participate by 31 participants from multinational companies to BUMN and the participants were continue to increase every year. Based on the assessment of a jury consisting of experts and environmentalists, Toyota Indonesia won 5 categories:

This award are the result of Toyota Indonesia's efforts to increase the contribution to society, both through product and industry development, as well as various social activities, including active in the field of environmental conservation.