Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

21 January 2016

Growing Together with TMMIN and Vendors

Growing Together with TMMIN and Vendors

Grow together with TMMIN & Vendor

As a company that operate in the automotive field, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) has the principle of "harmonious partnership" in maintaining relationship with the stakeholders. With this principle, Toyota Indonesia not only focus on running the business, but also has a concern for the development of the vendors that related with all the TMMIN activities. For that, the General Affairs Department (GAD) regularly conduct vendor development activities (vendor development) every month for the entire TMMIN vendors who do routine service work like travel vendor, catering, car rental, and others.

On earlier this year, vendor development was held on Thursday, January 21st, 2016 held at the TMMIN Head Office. This activity aims to always providing updated information to the vendors in order to grow together and strengthen the long-term relationships between TMMIN and vendors. Moreover, this activity also aims to create a better two-way communication by listen to feedback directly from the vendor.

This vendor development activities were held regularly each month with a different theme. In January 2016, the theme is "Service Level Agreement", discusses the standard KPI to be implemented by each vendor in each of the services offered. So that all forms of service provided by each vendor, have the same referent and specific standards in accordance with the values that exist in TMMIN. Followed by 40 vendors, TMMIN hope through this event, the vendor can grow and develop together with TMMIN and more motivated to provide the best services in the future.

Besides holding regular activities for the development of the vendors, annually, TMMIN also gave awards to the vendors as a reward of appreciation. Vendor award is given to the vendor who has given the best service and provide full support to all activities TMMIN so it can run smoothly.