Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

04 September 2018

Industrial Culture Class As A Solution For Vocational Graduates

Industrial Culture Class As A Solution For Vocational Graduates

Jakarta - PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) and PT. Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) together with Yayasan Toyota Astra (YTA) shows their seriousness and commitment in developing education for young generations through CSR activity, “Industrial Culture Class Program”, inaugurated at SMK Tunas Harapan Pati, Central Java, on 24th August 2018. The Industrial Culture Class Program is a prime initiative program held to increase the skill of young generations of Vocational High School graduates, in order to enable them to be absorbed easily in business world.

The inauguration ceremony of Toyota Indonesia Industrial Culture Class Program attended by Regent District Pati  H. Haryanto, SH. MM. M.Si, Development Director of Vocational High School Dr. Ir. M. Bakrun MM., Association Controller of Secondary Education and Exclusive (BP2MK) Pati Area II Santoso SH, MH., Head of Education Service of Central Java Drs. Gatot Bambang Hastowo M.Pd, Executive Director KADIN Indonesia Rahardjo Djamtomo, President Director PT. TMMIN Warih Andang Tj., Director of Administration, Corporate & External Affairs PT. TMMIN Bob Azam, and Director PT. TAM Darmawan Widjaja.

Through Toyota Indonesia “Industrial Culture Program Class”, participants will receive knowledge about industrial culture which are expected to fulfill the criteria of working skill that stressed the mentality of working systematically, efficient, and effective, to shape graduates that are ‘Ready’. The plantation of mentality in industrial culture class will be done by giving the knowledge of industrial culture which cover the 5R principal (Ringkas / Concise, Rapi / Neat, Resik / Clean, Rawat / Care, Rajin / Diligent), Work Safety (Suspect-Danger), Teamwork, Orientation to quality process and work result, ‘Kaizen’ (continuous improvement / completion), and solving problems systematically.

Toyota Indonesia together with YTA will perform trials to 15 Vocational High Schools spread throughout West Java, Central Java, and East Java. For almost 5 decades (48 years) in Indonesia, Toyota always attempt to participate and give support towards the development of industry in Indonesia, one of them is by the improvement of quality and qualification of Human Resources. This commitment is parallel with the spirit of ‘Toyota Berbagi’ (Bersama Membangun Indonesia / Together Building Indonesia).