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29 March 2016

Kick-Off 1 Decade Program Toyota Eco Youth

Kick-Off 1 Decade Program Toyota Eco Youth

Kick-Off 1st Decade of the Toyota Eco Youth Program

10 Years Growing Environmental Concern in Indonesia Young Generation


Bandung - Toyota Indonesia consisting of PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) and PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) today hosted the 1st Decade Kick-Off of the Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) in Bandung - West Java. This event was attended by the Vice Governor of West Java DeddyMizwar and the Director of Corporate and External Relations TMMIN I Made Dana Tangkas. Bandung is a occupancy city that wins the 9th TEY Best of the Best TEY, it is SMAN 19, which carries the project "BabarenganMengurangiPolusidenganBerinteraksi".

Director of Corporate and External Relations of TMMIN, I Made Dana Tangkas on his speech stated, "We are very pleased Toyota Eco Youth program can achieve the age of 10. In each year implementation, we see the enthusiasm of the young generation of Indonesia is very high to learn about the ways to address the issues especially those related to the environment around us. Their commitment even to undertake sustainable activities that generate real impact on the immediate environment. Hopefully, Toyota Eco Youth program can be an inspiration for the wider people of Indonesia to raise awareness on environmental conservation ".

TEY program was first organized in 2005 with the number of participants 10 High School of General and Vocational from Jakarta and surrounding region. At that time the main theme that exposed was the school waste reduction. Over the time, the number and origin of participants was expanded gradually so that by the end of the implementation the 9th TEY, numbered for more than 750 schools from across Indonesia have participated in the program with more than 2,340 environmental improvement projects proposed. In addition, participants were asked to pass on their knowledge and their activities to the surrounding environment so that the impact of TEY can be enjoyed in a wider scope.

On its 10th year of event, TEY will take the theme of "EcoSocioPreneur" namely the application of environmentally friendly mindset in dealing with environmental problems in a sustainable manner that can be applied early to be a business activity in the future. This year, TEY targeted to receive around 2,500 proposals from schools that spread across 26 provinces in Indonesia.

TEY 10 program begins with a series of socialization activities on eight major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Makassar, Manado, Medan and Denpasar. The participants will be given the opportunity to explore their creativity by making proposals of Scientific and non-Scientific Work.

Scientific Work consists of Science Category and Social Category. Science category is the category where participants are expected to create a product that can have a positive impact on the quality of the environment and the surrounding community. While the social categories, the participants tested for its ability to create an activity or program that invites residents of the neighborhood to contribute to environmental conservation.

The Non-scientific papers competition will be highlighting activities like My Eco Video, My Eco Pic, and My Eco Doodle that exposed competition on videos, photos and drawings with environmental themes online. This section is also intended as a medium of socialization environmental concerns in the hope of inviting as many Indonesian people to participate in eco-friendly activities. This program utilizes the  advances in technology and social media that are growing rapidly in Indonesia.

Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor, DarmawanWidjaja, said that the Toyota Eco Youth program is designed by considering the characteristics of the participants who are young people so they can be accepted and received a positive reception without compromising the essence of the need to improve the environment in it.

"The program is also able to accommodate the interests and creative ideas from the younger generation that is poured in the form of environmental awareness activities that were inspiring," said Darmawan, on separate occasions, today.



Asessment Criteria of TEY Proposal


The Assesment criteria of the proposal is seen from the proposal originality and the innovation ideas that submitted, the sustainability of ideas or programs that have been implemented, the benefits of the idea or solution for the environment and the involvement of communities and local governments in applying these ideas.

Toyota Team Indonesia will conduct the selection of proposals assisted by  professional juries, to elect the winners in each category. The winners will receive prizes that can be used to realize their proposals. In addition, the winner of the Best of the Best of both categories will also receive an additional prize which is a comparative study in Japan.

Assessment of the proposals involve the participation of education experts, namely Prof. DR. AriefRachman Hakim, M.Pd (Professor of State University of Jakarta) and DR. JatnaSurpriantna (Head of Climate Change, University of Indonesia). Toyota Indonesia also invites ChaeranyPutri (Practitioner of Social Movement) and Didi Caspian Kasim (Media practitioners) to provide an assessment in terms of the spread of ideas by utilizing social media, as media that familiar to the youngsters. The final assessment in the form of a presentation / simulation will be carried out openly in public spaces so as to provide opportunities for the public to be able to access or study the improvement idea that was created by the participants. This was done to build a larger and sustainable domino effect.

Toyota Indonesia is committed to grow together with the people of Indonesia in accordance with the spirit of Toyota Berbagi (Together Building Indonesia) through the provision of products and technologies according to customer needs, being part of the development of the national automotive industry, and actively participate in social activities. (*)


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