Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

16 August 2016

Launching Ceremony of Book "Perubahan Tiada Henti" Toyota Indonesia

Launching Ceremony of Book

Toyota Indonesia has a commitment to consistently contribute to the development of the automotive industry in Indonesia. The main key to the success of Toyota Indonesia for these 45 years is to maintain Kaizen Culture and conduct Gugus Kendali Mutu or QCC (Quality Control Circle) activities. Kaizen is a term from the Japanese language; it means changes constantly and leads to a better condition.

The story of Toyota Indonesia conducting QCC activities for 25 years written in a book named “Perubahan Tiada Henti: Membangun Manusia Sebelum Membangun Produk” by Joice Tauris Santi. The book launching ceremony was held on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 at Kompas Gramedia building. The event was attended by Mr. Warih A.T (Vice President of TMMIN), Mr. Henry Tanoto (Vice President of TAM), Mr. Zuhri (Director of the Ministry of Labour Indonesia), Mr. Agus Wibowo (Representative of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia), Mr. Anton Supit (Vice Chairman of KADIN Indonesia), Mr Willy Junaidi (President Director of PT. Nusa Toyotetsu Corporation & Chairman of Toyota Manufacturer Club), Mr. Budiman Tanuredjo (Board Chairman of Kompas Gramedia), Mr. Sonny Irawan (Commissioner & Senior Consultant PQM), representative of Wahana Kendali Mutu, representative of Perhimpunan Manajemen Mutu Indonesia, representative of the University of Indonesia, University of Darma Persada, University Singaperbangsa, SMK Al-Muslim Bekasi, also media colleagues and kompasiana.

This book is one of the TMMIN’s efforts to contribute the national HR management quality, in facing the global competition and (MEA). "We hope, this book can inspire the readers to changes without stopping, always think positive, always moving forward. Moreover, we expect QCC activities can support the development of industry in Indonesia in general, through the development of human resources, in accordance with our commitment: "We make people before we make product". Ultimately we hope this relentless improvement culture can be one of the "value culture" are important for a better Indonesia.” said Mr. Warih Andang, Vice President of TMMIN in his speech.