Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

01 March 2017

Mangrove Mass Planting Toyota Forest involves 1.000 students

Mangrove Mass Planting Toyota Forest involves 1.000 students

Karawang - Toyota Indonesia together with supplier companies that are members of the Toyota Manufacturers Club (TMClub), Toyota Equipment and Facilities Club (TEFC), Toyota Indonesia Adventurers Club (TIAC) and also Junior High School (SMP) and senior high school (SMA ) students -  from across the Karawang area, today (Wednesday / March 1, 2017) are re-greening the Karawang beach, with the planting of about 200 thousands of mangroves in the coastal region of Pedes Beach, precisely in the Village North Pusakajaya, Cilebar District, Karawang.

Also attending at the planting ceremony, Economic Expert Staff of Natural Resources from Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia Agus Jerry Justianto, Vice Governor of West Java, Dedy Mizwar, and Regent of Karawang Cellica Nurrachadiana, who was accompanied by the Vice President Director of PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) Warih Andang Tjahjono and also board of directors of TMMIN.

By promoting the theme of mass planting , greening coastal areas that prone to abrasion disaster involving the participation of as many as 1,000 junior and senior high school students in the area of Karawang. Thousands of students go directly to participate and be part of the improvement of ecosystem and improving the quality of life the city that is also called "Lumbung Padi".

"Toyota Group in Indonesia pays great attention to the preservation of the environment and seeks constant perform on the reforestation activities through Toyota Forest. We want to plant and enhance the students awareness of the importance of the ecosystem as a life support, and spread the spirit of the younger generation to become actively involved on environmental changes in the positive direction we can achieve together, "said Warih.

Initiating Greening in Semarang and Kendal

Earlier, on Friday February 24, 2017, Toyota Forest helped visited the North Coast town of Semarang and Kendal. A total of 100 thousand mangrove trees planted in these two cities to foster biodiversity and sequestration of carbon content in the air.

By planting in Karawang and Semarang, Toyota Indonesia Group has planted 1.3 million mangrove trees scattered along the northern coast of Java. Planting locations including the Thousand Islands, Bekasi, Karawang, Cilamaya, and Semarang,  with additional planting in Bantul, Demak, Surabaya and Banyuwangi. These mangrove forests are expected to have a positive impact is felt directly by the people around like reducing abrasion that prone to occur in coastal areas and supports the preservation of marine biodiversity that is rich and abundant. Mangroves also has a great ability to store and absorb carbon dioxide gas, which is one contributor to climate change.

Activities of Environmental Preservation at TMMIN work Area

Greening principle is also applied in various work environments of TMMIN namely the presence of Toyota Forest in the factory environment. Greening Toyota Forest as wide as15 ha have been carried out in the Toyota Karawang factory in 2003. The land has been planted with various species of trees, one of the type is acacia.

TMMIN also apply the principle of "Eco Plant" which is the use of new and renewable energy in the production process as well as the daily activities such as the use of solar cells in the plant which is used for street lighting, application of the concept of natural light in the environment within the plant, to reduce the use of thinner in car painting process.

Obedience in implementing environmental regulations in the TMMIN factory environment has gain recognition in the form of award PROPER (Program Performance Rating) of the Ministry of Environment in December 2016 last month. TMMIN got the green predicate indicating that TMMIN not only obedient (comply) with the regulation, but also have implemented activities that goes beyond compliance that can contribute more to the environment and society.

As part of one of the centers of Toyota global production base, the environmental aspect has become mandatory for TMMIN so that the product can meet the quality standards of the world, both in production processes and products output. Toyota's commitment on the environmental management is realized by meeting the government requirements, global standards as well as internal in the environmental field including manufacturing processes that are environmentally friendly by applying 1). green logistics (environmentally friendly logistics system),  2). the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy resources through increased efficiency with innovation, the use of technology that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly (renewable energy), and 3) implement activities of reduce, reuse and recycle.

"Toyota has a strong commitment to contribute to environmental preservation. We set a target to reduce the negative impact of vehicle emissions and vehicle production process contained in the Toyota Environment Challenge 20501. All of Toyota affiliates in the world, including Indonesia performs three main pillars of this environmental protection commitment is ever-better cars, ever-better manufacturing and Enriching lives of communities, "concludes Warih. (*)