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13 April 2016

National Awarding Ceremony Toyota Dream Car Art Contest 10th 2016

National Awarding Ceremony Toyota Dream Car Art Contest 10th 2016

Since 2004, Toyota has globally organized Toyota Dream Car Art Contest (TDCAC) to stimulate the creativity of children of school age. In the 10th year of the implementation, Toyota took the kids around the world to share ideas on the future of mobility by means of the theme to draw the dream car of the future.

The series of the 10th TDCAC activities in Indonesia began with the socialization process that took place since November 2015. The TDCAC competition this time are getting a high interest from the society. It is seen from the works that the organizer received as many as 6.137 TDCAC work. Competition enthusiasts of TDCAC increased 134% compared to last year. The next series of the events is the process of selecting winners on February 2016, until it reached the end of the event series, that is the National Awarding Ceremony held at the Toyota booth in the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) event on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 JIExpo, Kemayoran.

Toyota Indonesia announced a total of 9 winners of the national level which is divided into three age categories. Category 1 for participants under the age of 8 years old, category 2 for ages 8-11 years and three categories for participants aged 12-15 years. Here are the names of the TDCAC winners of 2016:

Winners of category 1:

  1. Dzaky Avril Sholahuddin, (6 years old, from Boyolali) with Mushrooms Rescue Car Design
  2. Bianca Aurora Tanaka (7 years old, from Bondowoso) with Used Plastic Car Design
  3. Frans Theodore (6 years old, from Jakarta) with Super Hero Dream Car Design

Winners of Category 2:

  1. Charlene (9 years old from Tangerang) with Terrorist Counter Car Design
  2. Zeva Su'azra Malaika (10 years old from Jakarta) with Crime Surveillance Car Design
  3. Aristawidya Maheswari (11 years old from Jakarta) with Toyota Bamboo Car Design

Winners of category 3:

  1. Fuad juldan Mu'tasim (aged 13 years old from Madiun) with Cultural Car Design
  2. Putti Kurnia Serfiyani (aged 15 years from Jember) with Cancer Exterminator Car Design
  3. Angela Venus Sakuntala (aged 13 from Tangerang) with Batik Production Car Design

All National Level winners will participate on making pride in the name of Indonesia at the TDCAC international level in Japan on August 2016. In TDCAC international level, the jury will choose the winner with award level of gold, silver, and bronze. With all this TDCAC activity, Toyota hopes to encourage and nurture the creativity of Indonesia’s children as the next generation successor in the future