Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

05 December 2015

Quality Improvement through Kaizen Festival

Quality Improvement through Kaizen Festival


In this globalization era, consumer awareness of the quality are increasingly high. Only a high quality product that would be accepted in the market. A quality product is determined by three aspects: product quality (Quality) , the the product selling price (Cost ), and product availability (Delivery) or shortened as QCD.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) through Toyota Manufacturers Club (TM - Club) adopt the Quality Control Circle (QCC) to be applied to all suppliers/vendors. Various programs and activities have been running in as the implementation of QCC, with the expectation of improving the product quality that produced , so that in the end it is able to compete in the market. One of the annual activity is Kaizen Festival. In 2015, Kaizen Festival was held on 5th December was held in the Menara 165, Cilandak Jakarta and attended by 41 companies .

Kaizen Festival is an activity from the scope of Toyota supplier/vendor sheltered under TM-Club and exhibiting the best work of Group QCC/SS from each supplier/vendor. The event was organized by TM - Club 's, aims to promote and evaluate the whole QCC program; Supporting motivation for supplier/vendor by grant an awards; Encourage the establishment of a dynamic industrial relations between Toyota, supplier/vendors and employees.

In QCC activities, all assets owned by the company especially Human Resources (HR) , utilized better , to improve quality and productivity, value added and increase the benefit of all parties including the company, employees and consumers . By this implementation of QCC through activities in TM - Club, supplier/vendor always perform continuous quality improvement so its product result is able to achieve better quality.

With the held of this Kaizen Festival, is expected to be sustainable so that the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness improvement can be achieved optimally .