Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

13 August 2018

Seminar CSR For Sustainable Business : A Myth or Reality?

Seminar CSR For Sustainable Business : A Myth or Reality?

Jakarta – PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia held the CSR for Non CSR Seminar, with the theme “CSR For Sustainable Business: A Myth or Reality?”. The seminar had been held for 4 times, from February until July, which took place at Head Office, Sunter Plant 2, Karawang Plant 3, PT. TMMIN. This activity was held to educate about the purpose and the benefit of Corporate Social Responsibility, what are the impacts of implementing Corporate Social Responsibility to the business industry or society, and also how CSR programs can be conducted well and continuously.

The CSR For Non CSR Seminar presents Dr. Maria R. Nindita Radyati, Dip. Cons, Dip.PM, Cert.IV IRM., Executive Director of Center for Entrepreneurship, Change, and Third Sector (CECT), Trisakti University, which explained about CSR as an activity that could support the business and industry sustainability. The seminar invite all of the members of PT. TMMIN from all area to form the understanding about CSR, how to implement it, and also what positive impact it can give to the internal corporation and external society as well.

Following the growth of business industry, a corporation needs a sustainable CSR Program as a future investment for future generation. CSR also serve as a social responsibility that a corporation must do as regulated by the law in Regulations No. 40, year 2007.