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12 December 2018

Supporting the Biodiversity Conservation Education in Gorontalo

Supporting the Biodiversity Conservation Education in Gorontalo

Toyota Grants Hiace to Burung Indonesia

Gorontalo - Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) through its affiliates in Indonesia, PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN), donated Toyota HIACE cars to Burung Indonesia (a member of BirdLife International's global partnership network) to support the organization’s biodiversity surveys and conservation education activities around its work site at the Popayato-Paguat ecosystem in Gorontalo Province. Burung Indonesia will use the vehicle for its activities, ranging from surveys, promoting environmental education for rural and urban communities to raising awareness on the importance of environmental conservation among youths in the region.

This effort is part of the collaboration between Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and the conservation groups -- BirdLife International and Burung Indonesia -- under the vision of Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050. Under this vision, Toyota targets the development of "future communities that are in harmony with nature". TMC has been donating 4 cars annually to selected Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working on environment issues around the world for 5 years since 2016. Donated cars will be used to support conservation of species included inthe International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, the most comprehensive list of endangered species. In order to access these endangered species, this organization usually has to go through heavy terrains. In March 2018, Toyota also donated 1 Hilux unit to another environmental NGO in Indonesia, for the same environmental conservation purposes.

Symbolic handover of the donated vehicle was carried out at Gorontalo State University (UNG). Also attending were related government officials; UNG Rector, Prof. Dr. Syamsu Qamar Badu, M.Pd; Burung Indonesia Executive Director, Dian Agista; Toyota Daihatsu Engineering Manufacturing (TDEM) Vice President, Yoshiaki Ishimoto and representatives of TMMIN.

Yoshiaki Ishimoto, Deputy President of TDEM said, "Toyota wants to contribute on positive impact for the environment as outlined in the 2050 Toyota Environment Challenge. To achieve this, we strive to build cooperative relationships with organizations involved in environmental conservation activities. The donated cars is one of the many steps that we have taken. This car will be used in conservation efforts, including education about endangered species according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. We will continue to strengthen our efforts to realize that vision."

On the same occasion, Toyota also donated educational teaching aids of two intact engine units (each one of NR type and 1 TR type engine) and 1,000 Gorontalo endemic multipurpose tree seeds to Gorontalo State University

Indonesian Bird Conservation Efforts in Gorontalo Region
The western part of Gorontalo Province, known as the Popayato-Paguat ecosystem, is an important area for biodiversity. In these 350,000 hectares of multipurpose area, around 275,000 hectares of forest is reserved for nature reserves, wildlife reserves and nine areas of protected forests. Headwaters of four major rivers in the province are also located here. A total of 169 bird species are recorded of living here; 70 of which are Sulawesi endemic species with 47 of them are protected by Indonesian law. In addition, five bird species are listed as endangered species globally, including "charismatic" species such as Sulawesi julang (Rhyticeros cassidix) and maleo (Macrocephalon maleo) which depends their lives to the forest ecosystems. In addition, a total of 23 mammal species were recorded in the area eight of which are endemic including hog deer (Babyrousa celebensis), highland anoa (Bubalus quarlesi) and lowland anoa (Bubalus depressicornis), and spectral tarsiers.

Since 2009, Burung Indonesia has worked on the Popayato-Paguat ecosystem to promote bird conservation and biodiversity as well as improve the livelihoods of local communities. To achieve the goals, Burung Indonesia has worked intensively with central government and regional administration, universities, community organizations, media, other related institutions, and, most importantly, with villagers who live on the edge of the forest.

"Burung Indonesia appreciates Toyota's concern for the environment through vehicle donations. This support has contributed greatly to the efforts of Burung Indonesia and local stakeholders to conserve forests and biodiversity and maintain an integrated conservation and development approach in the ecosystem," said Dian Agista, the executive director of Burung Indonesia.

Toyota Indonesia's Environmental Education Commitment
This car donation is a continuation of Toyota's global commitment in education and the environment, especially in environmental education, which is one of many focuses of social contribution activities in Indonesia.

"Harmony with nature is our passion. We hope this donation will contribute in supporting conservation under Burung Indonesia coordination, in particular, and contribute to the effectiveness of the overall nature conservation operations in Indonesia, in general. At the same time, our environmental conservation efforts are carried out to that the Toyota vehicles’ production also takes into account environmentally friendly processes, from upstream to downstream, in accordance with applicable regulations," said Bob Azam, TMMIN Director of Administration, Corporate and External Relations on a separate occasion.

Toyota Indonesia believes that environmental education could instil and increase the importance of environmental awareness as the key for environmental conservation. Therefore, in addition to donations to environmental education programs, since 2005, Toyota Indonesia has initiated a Toyota Eco Youth program since 2005. This initiative has involved more than 260,000 middle school students from Sabang and Merauke.

In addition to supporting environmental education, Toyota Indonesia also routinely supports teaching and learning activities through donations of practicum apparatus such as engines and cars. Toyota Indonesia has donated 169 engines and 47 cars to government, educational institutions, and community institutions in Indonesia.

For conservation activities, Toyota Indonesia had also run the Toyota Forest program, which had been intensified since 2003. Until now, the Toyota Forest has succeeded in planting and maintaining more than 1,600,000 trees as of early 2018. In the past 5 years, the Toyota Forest program has focused on planting and maintaining mangrove trees along the coast of Java. First started in the Thousand Islands, 950,000 mangrove trees have been planted and maintained in the Karawang area of West Java and several places in Central Java.

Through the spirit of "Toyota Berbagi" (BERsama MemBAnGun Indonesia)/ "Toyota Share" (Building Indonesia Together) which consists of three main pillars namely Product Development and Technology, Industrial Development, and Social Responsibility (CSR), it becomes a symbol of Toyota's passion in working together with the government and society to create a better Indonesia.**

About Burung Indonesia
Burung Indonesia (Indonesian Wild Bird Conservation Association) is a non-profit organization established in 2002. Burung Indonesia is a BirdLife International partner in Indonesia. Burung Indonesia has a vision to be the guardian of Indonesia's wild birds and their habitat through activities that promote harmony between humans and nature on sustainable development. To achieve this, Burung Indonesia has made several efforts: promoting the conservation sites, species and habitats; working with communities to promote collaborative conservation and management of natural resources for sustainable development; and developing organizational capacity to improve site, species and habitat management.

About Toyota
Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) is a global company focusing on providing mobilization for all people for more than 80 years. Toyota is also one of the pioneers of electric technology vehicles through the launching and mass production of hybrid vehicles - the Prius in 1997 and the Mirai fuel cell vehicle in 2014. In Indonesia, Toyota started its business operations in 1971 and committed to become one of the pioneer’s development of the automotive industry. During 47 years of carrying out its business activities, Toyota Indonesia transformed from an importer company into one of the productions and export bases in the Asia-Pacific region. Toyota Indonesia has 5 production facilities located in the Sunter-Jakarta and Karawang-West Java regions.