Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

31 August 2018

The 5th Employee CSR Competition is Back

The 5th Employee CSR Competition is Back

Jakarta –  Toyota Indonesia is back with the Employee CSR Competition, with an interesting breakthrough that follows the new age of digital era. This Employee CSR Competition, had already reached it’s 5th year, whereas the targeted participants of this program is  the Toyota Indonesia employees (in Jakarta, Karawang, and Cibitung area) with the ability and urge of  being the agent of change in their own community. Regarding to that, this program is  expected to be one of the platform to spread the "Toyota Berbagi" tagline both internally and externally.

On the 5th ECC this year, for the first step of these stages, there would be kick-off and socialization,  that had been running since 16th August 2018. After that, there would be  proposal submission that would be selected into The Best 40 and then The Best 20, where the company would support the fund for the project implementation. The breaktrough this year would be implemented in the selection of the best 40  to the best 20  with a digitalization concept.  These selected team would have to attend the workshop with a related theme that would help the success of the team’s program implementation. Later on, each  implemented programmes would be judged by the judges and the winner would be announced on The 5th employee CSR Competition (ECC) closing and awarding ceremony.

In accordance to the CSR company roadmap that should be achieved in 2020, Toyota Indonesia would like to be the company leader in industrial transformation, thus, Toyota Indonesia  runs the ECC program as the one and only program with a big opportunity for the Toyota Indonesia employees to be able to volunteer and actively contribute on overcoming the social issue in their society with their creative, bright, and sustainable ideas and concepts. Employees involvement would be the main key of CSR success in developing the surrounding circumstances.