Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

21 February 2017

TMMIN Launch The Manufacturing Skill Interchange Festival (MASIF)

Karawang - Toyota Indonesia through PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) continues to expand its program to improve the quality of human resources (HR) by launching a new program, the Manufacturing Skill Interchange Festival (MASIF), it is the activities of expertise skills competition among company suppliers. Designed in the theme "Toward 2020 Era, Realize Indonesia Automotive Industries Become Global Manufacturing Base", MASIF intended to encourage the competitive spirit and build a culture of human resources development for the supplier companies in order to achieve the formation of qualified human resources with the best global standards.

"Qualified human resources, with expertise and high skills are the key to boost up the competitiveness of companies and the industry at large. Through this MASIF event, we aim to expand the scope of human resources development activities of the Toyota business chain. Going forward, we expect MASIF can flourish and have a domino effect to all tier local suppliers so it adds value to the automotive industry to meet the increasingly fierce global competition, "said Vice President TMMIN Warih Andang Tjahjono.

MASIF motivated by Toyota Indonesia's commitment to give the best effort to contribute on the development of Indonesia's automotive industry where  one of them is through increasing the capability of human resources at the corners of the supply chain. National automotive industry itself is targeted as a player in global manufacturing based on National Industrial Development Master Plan (2015-2035).

The implementation of MASIF takes place every year with the number of participants whose increasing and expanding the field of competition. In MASIF 2017, the number of registered participants of 17 first-tier suppliers with 3 areas that are contested, namely logistics, maintenance (maintenance), and inspection (inspection). For the next year in 2018,  25 participants were targeted at MASIF consist of supplier which is composed of first and second tier with the addition of welding (welding) and assembly  as a field of competition so that the total race categories became 5 fields. Whereas in 2019, the competition is expected to be attended by 35 suppliers of tier 1, 2 and 3 with 8 fields that are contested, namely logistics, maintenance, inspection, welding, assembly, press, toso and casting. "It is expected from year to year the number of participants continues to increase, so does the wider field of competition," he said.

Preparations for organizing the MASIF 2017 has been done since December 2015 by conducting the study and development of concepts and continued the review to the field (Genba) together with the management of the company member of Toyota Manufacturer Club (TMC) is an association of TMMIN companies supplier. Then in March 2016, TMMIN introduce these action plans to the suppliers and internal and continued with the training for the participants. "The climax on February 21 to 22, where the participants perform simulations of each module they develop," said Warih.

The presence of MASIF now complement the programs to improve human resources of TMMIN which includes supply chain that have been there, namely, TMMIN Learning Centre (TLC) in Sunter Plant, Karawang Plant 1 and 2, Karawang Plant 3, Quality Control Circle (QCC), and jishuken.

Through TLC, TMMIN has developed training for HR according to the specifications  on their respective fields which can also be enjoyed by local suppliers. TLC Sunter for example, becoming the basic safety training and vehicle manufacturing plants, as well as candidates and where the athletes who will be included in the global competition World Skill Contest for molding field (manufacture of molds for casting process). TLC Sunter also has won the trust of the Government to be a molding certification in cooperation with IMDIA (Indonesia Mold & Dies Association).
While TLC Karawang Plant 1 and 2 have a specification for training skills and expertise and the production of vehicles with the simulation facilities in that is match with the original conditions. For TLC Karawang Plant 3, facilities and training developed is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing process kitchen runway of a vehicle.

Meanwhile, through QCC, TMMIN provides the opportunity for all employees to actively participate in identifying problems and overcome them through creative ideas and innovation in their respective fields. By applying QCC, every year thousands of development ideas come from employees of development in harmony with the principles of Kaizen or Continuous Development that became one of the pillars of the Toyota Way. In fact, since 2000, in cooperation with Toyota Manufacturer Club (TMC), also has organized Kaizen TMMIN Festival involving all members.

Other activities which are closely related to the company is a supplier of assistance and training for the supplier company called Jishuken program. By forming a special division to run this program, TMMIN transferring skills and expertise to enhance the ability of the supplier company standards.

Toyota Indonesia is committed to grow together and contribute to Indonesia through the global quality of manufactured products, and take part in the development of the national automotive industry. (*)