Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

22 May 2017



Jakarta - On May 19, 2017, Warta Ekonomi Magazine held an annual award which has been going on for 16 years since 2001. In this awards ceremony at Pullman Hotel, PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) received the award "Indonesia Most Admired Company" handed by the Founder of Warta Ekonomi Fadel Muhammad and CEO / Chief Editor of Warta Ekonomi Muhamad Ihsan to the President Director of TMMIN Warih Andang Tjahjono.

This award is the third times for TMMIN since 2015. Warta Ekonomi magazine rewards companies whose research has the highest awareness and the best image based on respondent perceptions. The assessment criteria determined by Warta Ekonomi including corporate image, public trust given, investments already made by the company, human resource management, environmental stewardship and also includes the ability of companies to compete in global markets as well as business development in the domestic market and international.

"Our appreciation to the Warta Ekonomi Magazine consistently succeeded in honoring this prestigious award. Thank you for the appreciation that has been given to us in the last three years. The award that received is a collective success together with the entire business chain. We hope to consistently continue to support the development of the automotive industry and contribute through real work to the nation of Indonesia, "said Warih.

Throughout the year 2016, Toyota Indonesia recorded a complete model vehicle exports (Complete Build-up Unit / CBU) or 87% of total national car exports totaling 194,400 units. In addition, TMMIN was awarded Primaniyarta from the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia for the 7th time with Best Performer Exporters category in October of 2016.

In the same year, TMMIN began to produce All New Sienta which has a level of domestic component content of 80% in the Karawang Factory 2 facility with investment value of 2.5 trillion rupiah. The year 2016 is also marked by the start of operation of TMMIN's second engine plant in West Karawang - West Java. The engine factory produces an R-NR aluminum gasoline engine that has a domestic component content of 80% for passenger cars such as Vios, Yaris and Sienta with a capacity of 216,000 units per year.

At each manufacturing facility, TMMIN opened a training facility called Toyota Learning Center (TLC) aimed at improving the skills and knowledge of employees, thereby opening the Karawang Plant 3 coupled with the opening of the 3rd TLC focusing on developing the skills of machine manufacturing. TLC is a form of Toyota's commitment and efforts in the development of the automotive industry as a whole because these facilities can also be used by other industry players such as local suppliers and Vocational High School (SMK) located around TMMIN factory area.

TMMIN also opened an automotive manufacturing academy called Toyota Indonesia Academy (TIA) which is helping to create young engineers by providing vocational education that focuses on practical skills to master the latest in automotive manufacturing technology as well as the development of industrial HR characters. In August of 2016, TIA graduated 32 students in the first batch marking the preps of automotive-certified manufacturing students with this global quality to jump in the real world of work. This year, the program that puts this practical ability forward will again celebrate students graduation for the second generation.

"Through the spirit of We Make People Before We Make Product, we always strive to pass the development of global standardized human resources which will certainly produce high quality products and hopefully can give a real contribution to improving industrial competitiveness in Indonesia," said Warih.

Environmental sustainability is also important as Toyota Indonesia's main focus is active in corporate social responsibility activities (CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility). Earlier this year Toyota Indonesia planted mangrove trees in Karawang and Semarang. Toyota Indonesia Group has planted 1.3 million mangrove trees scattered along the north coast of Java Island. In addition to the environmental field, Toyota also gives great attention in the field of education. One of them is through Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) program, an environmental improvement contest for high school and vocational high school students who have reached the age of 1 decade. Toyota also has a Toyota Astra Foundation (YTA) that provides scholarship opportunities for outstanding Indonesian students. Teaching aids such as vehicles and whole machines as learning materials and practices for students are also donated by Toyota Indonesia, to various universities and vocational schools in the country.

"It is our duty as part of Indonesian society to contribute to economic growth and to carry out social responsibility in Indonesia," Warih concluded. (*)