Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

16 January 2016

Toyota Cycling Club First Event in 2016

Toyota Cycling Club First Event in 2016

Toyota Cycling Club (TCC) Gowes Bareng on 2016

Toyota Cycling Club (TCC) is a Toyota bicycle community that established on June 14, 2015, where members of TCC is a combination of employees from Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) and Toyota Astra Motor (TAM). To start 2016, TCC conduct joint activities that is "Gowes Bareng". Gowes Bareng was held on Sunday, January 10, 2016, at University of Indonesia (UI), Depok. With the Route that starts from Depok and then proceed to UI Area surrounding. The event aims to establish a relationship between employees with Mr. Warih Andang T. (Vice President Director of TMMIN) as TCC adviser and to announce the annual activity plan of the TCC.

In the Gowes Bareng event, Mr. Mukti (Deputy Division Head - Project of Stamping Production), chairman of TCC, convey a few points assembled with Annual Event. He saizd that to increase familiarity among employees with management can be done with the activity of togetherness as fun bike, bike tour, etc. In addition, he hopes TCC can develop and direct the potential of the TCC members to be involved in a bike race event. He also hopes to TCC can support healthy lifestyle by introducing the sport of cycling safely to all employees.