Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

24 April 2019

Toyota Equipment & Facility Club (TEFC) Exhibition

Toyota Equipment & Facility Club (TEFC) Exhibition

Toyota Equipment & Facility Club (TEFC) held TEFC Exhibition under the theme "Product & Support in Industrial 4.0 Culture & Technology at The Service of People", on Tuesday to Thursday, April 09 – 11, 2019 which took place at Employee Center of TMMIN Karawang Plant #3. The event was started with remarks from Mr. Nandi Julyanto as Director of Production Engineering Karawang Plant. TEFC is a community of TMMIN’s machine equipment & building construction vendors. The exhibition aimed to broaden the mindset of the TMMIN members, thus inspiring them to develop 'breakthrough ideas’ that could be applied in the company's business operations.

This year, the number of exhibitors has increased to a total of 14 companies, namely, PT Daifuku Indonesia, PT Citra Langgeng Sentosa, PT Kharisma Asa Sentosa Buana, PT Cairnhill Service Inti, PT Shinmei Industri Indonesia, PT Taikisha Indonesia Engineering, PT Nakanishi Indonesia, PT Toyota Tsusho Mechanical & Engineering Service Indonesia, PT Omron Electronics, PT Sinar Mutiara Cakra, PT Mitsubishi Electric Indonesia, PT CKD Trading Indonesia, PT Multi Elektro, PT Solusi Rekatama Makmur who presented their products/services that apply the latest 4.0 technologies such as 3D Printing, Smart Factory Systems, Artificial Intelligence, IoT (Internet of Thing), and others.