Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

01 March 2017

Toyota Forest: Mangroove Planting Involving 1.000 Students

Toyota Forest: Mangroove Planting Involving 1.000 Students

On Wednesday, March 1, 2017, Toyota Indonesia with Toyota Motor Club (TMClub) suppliers, Toyota Equipment and Facilities Club (TEFC), Toyota Indonesia Adventurers Club (TIAC), Toyota Nature Lovers Community, and involving 1,000 School students (SMP) and Senior High School (SMA) around Karawang to doing reforestation of Karawang beach by planting 200.000 mangrove trees along Pedes Beach, North Pusakajaya Village, Cilebar, Karawang. In accordance with company policy to plant one tree for each car produced by PT. TMMIN (One Car One Tree Policy)

The Toyota Forest event was attended by the Expert Staff of the Natural Resources Economy from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Agus Jerry Justianto, Vice Governor of West Java, Mr. Dedy Mizwar and Karawang Regent, Cellica Nurrachadiana accompanied by Vice President Director of TMMIN, Mr. Warih Andang Tjahjono together with the director of TMMIN.

With Toyota Forest activities in Karawang, Toyota Indonesia has totally planted 1.3 million mangrove trees along the Java Coast to reduce the negative impact of abrasion. Mr. Warih Andang advised that by this Toyota Forest activity, Toyota Indonesia wants to induce and raise public awareness about the importance of the ecosystem as life support, and spreading the spirit to the young generation to actively engage in environmental change in a positive direction for our future.