Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

30 January 2016

Toyota Forest, One Car One Tree

Toyota Forest, One Car One Tree

Toyota Forest, One Car One Tree

Toyota Forest is one of the programs that initiated by Toyota Motor Manufaturing Indonesia (TMMIN) at Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), Group Supplier and Dealer as a form of concern for the environment. Toyota Indonesia felt the need to take part in forest conservation efforts by implementing the program of planting and maintenance on sustainable mangrove trees. Besides preventing the erosion, mangrove also has a great ability to store and absorb carbon dioxide gas, which is one of the gas that contributes on climate change.

Toyota Forest activity has been run since 2002, starting with the Toyota factory greening around Karawang. Through this program it is expected to reduce exhaust emission levels around the plant and as absorption of carbon dioxide (carbon offset). This ongoing program conducted until now on a variety of different areas. Since 2012, Toyota Forest launched a movement "One Car, One Tree", with the aim of every production of one unit of Toyota cars in Indonesia, it will be planting one tree.

As a manifestation of the movement, on January 30, 2016, the Toyota Group in Indonesia planting approximately 300 thousand mangrove trees on the Semarang North Coast, precisely along the coast of Maron Beach as part of Toyota Forest. The presence of Toyota Forest in the Semarang North Coast  complements the mangrove planting activity that had previously been done and also looking at the concern conditions along the coast of Northern Java.

Also present at the planting ceremony, the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo; Director General of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Hilman Nugroho; Regional Secretary of Semarang City, accompanied by Vice President TMMIN, Warih Andang Tjahjono; Director of Corporate and External Relations TMMIN, I Made Dana Tangkas; Director of Technical and Project Management Planning, Yui Hastoro; and Director of Production, Nandy Yulianto and TAM representatives, Dealers, suppliers and Union.

TMMIN hopes that the movement of Toyota Forrest's program, will inspire many people to do the movement and participate on maintaining environmental preservation. So in the end, sustainable activities can help improving the group or personal welfare and also surrounding societies in Indonesia.