Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

11 February 2016

Toyota Indonesia Concern in Education Improvement for Indonesian Children

Toyota Indonesia Concern in Education Improvement for Indonesian Children

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) through Toyota and Astra Foundation are giving scholarships to 3 Universities in West Sumatra, Universitas Andalas (Unand), University of Padang (UNP) and the Polytechnic Negeri Padang (PNP) on 11 February 2016 at the Convention Hall Universitas Andalas. In this occasion, TMMIN also handed educational tool aid to the University of Andalas in the form of one unit of Toyota Vios which is expected to be used by students as academic activities support.

With the beliefs that the progress of a nation depends on human resources, TMMIN also held a public lecture entitled "Development of Human Resource asa a platform on Development For Industrial Society". Mr. Ir. Bob Azam (Director of Administration TMMIN) as speaker in the public lecture, share the experiences and work in Toyota's world in Indonesia. Not only educate directly, TMMIN also provide an explanation of HR recruitment for students who want to join TMMIN. 

This event was fully attended by the Represntatvie from Toyota and Astra Foundation, Mr. Ir. Bob Azam, Deputy of Andalas University, Mr. Prof. Tafdil Husni, SE, MBA, Ph.D, Mayor of Padang H. Mahyeldi Ansar, SP and the Governor of West Sumatra Elected Mr. Prof. Dr. H. Irwan Prayitno S.Psi., M.Sc. In the speech, Mr. Ir. Bob Azam as Director of Administration of TMMIN explained that the entire chain of events is a real manifestations Toyota and Astra Foundation to the advancement of education in Indonesia

TMMIN hope by conducting series of events can encourage students to compete with each other in terms of academic achievement, stimulate  the enthusiasm for learning so that students would become the Human Resources that are ready for work.