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15 January 2016

Toyota Indonesia Established The Position

2016 Toyota Indonesia Established The Position on Being
Global Automotive Manufacturing Base

Jakarta - PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) today, has announced the achievement of the performance during the year 2015 with a positive note on the sector's export sales. In accordance with the target at the beginning of 2015, the export performance of the whole vehicle branded Toyota exceeded 176.700 units, an increase of 10% compared to the year 2014. The stable export performance has established the position of Toyota Indonesia as one of the global automotive manufacturing base in the Asia Pacific region.

"The era of free trade giving its own challenges and opportunities for the Indonesian automotive industry, especially Toyota. Increasing competitiveness is the key factor to address the challenges. Toyota also will fill the opportunities in this era with efforts to strengthen its position as a global automotive manufacturing base. Year 2016 will be the year of consolidation of the foundation to be able to run faster in the upcoming years ", said Warih Andang Tjahjono, Vice President of TMMIN.

A few major focus of Toyota Indonesia in 2016 is to strengthen the structure of the automotive industry and the development of Human Resources (HR). Toyota Indonesia will continue its efforts in strengthening the structure of the automotive industry with the deepening of local content of its products and the development of local suppliers up to tier 2 and 3 suppliers mainly on the  upstream (upstream industry).

In terms of human resource development, in the near future Toyota will continue the academy project of automotive manufacturing that equal to Diploma 1 by starting a program of lectures Toyota Indonesia Academy (TIA) and open another new training center (TMMIN Learning Center / TLC) that complement the existing 2 TLC.


2015 Performance Notes

The export performance of the Toyota branded intact vehicle in 2015 amounted to 176 700 units, an increase of 10% over the previous year contributed by Vios models as many as 51,500 units, Fortuner 42,000 units, Innova 14,200 units as well as other models, namely the Yaris, Avanza, Rush, Town Ace / Lite, Agya as many as 69,000 units.

The positive export performance has delivered TMMIN to again received Primanyarta award, an award for Exporter Performance category for the 6th time from the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia. Not only that, compliance from TMMIN to report the export foreign exchange gain appreciation from the Bank Indonesia in the form of the The Best Reporting of Foreign Exchange Awards for Export Results on year 2015. This award is given directly by the Governor of Bank Indonesia to TMMIN management in December 2015 ago.

"We are grateful for the support from all parties so that TMMIN can get through 2015 well. On the future, we will continue to strive to be able to contribute better to the development of Indonesia's automotive industry along with the increasing of public expectations on the performance of Toyota, especially in the face of the ASEAN free market ", said Warih Andang Tjahjono.

Towards the end of 2015, TMMIN has start mass production of The All New Kijang Innova which has a depth of local content by 85%.The capital that invested in the project for total change in the family vehicle is about 4.9 trillion rupiah. A total of 16 new local supplier companies involved in the production process of The All New Kijang Innova in Indonesia so that the total number of the first-tier TMMIN local suppliers is now to 123 companies.

In the sector of human resources development, through the event of World Skill Contest held in August in Sao Paulo Brazil, TMMIN employees won a silver medal for the field of Plastic Die Engineering and bronze for Modeling Prototype field. This shows that Indonesia's Human Resources spirit competitive and through various development programs that undertaken competencies, they are able to demonstrate their quality in the international arena.

TMMIN has also started a project academy of automotive manufacturing,  the Toyota Indonesia Academy (TIA) in October 2015 with an investment for about Rp 70 billion. TIA will be officially opened in the near future. TIA will hold the Diploma 1 graduation title. TIA is expected to create a credible Human Resource with the competence that can compete globally.

In terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) throughout the year 2015 Toyota has provided assistance in the form of 20 units of educational intact vehicle props and 4 units of the intact machine to the number of vocational schools, Universities and Training Center (BLK) in Indonesia. Toyota also consistently continue the efforts to conserve the environment through the Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) that had begun in 2005. Up to now TEY program has involved more than 750 High School / Vocational scattered throughout the archipelago. The program is expected to spawn a younger generation with a high awareness of environmental conservation. In addition, Toyota is also continuing the mangrove-planting program on the northern coast of Java in an attempt to reduce the level of abrasion as well as help conserve biodiversity. Overall CSR program will be continued in 2016.

Toyota is committed to grow with the people of Indonesia in accordance with the spirit of Toyota Berbagi (Together Building Indonesia) through the provision of products and technologies that meet the customer needs, being part of the development of the national automotive industry, and actively participate in social activities. (*)