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29 December 2014

Toyota Indonesia Export Performance Stable

Toyota Indonesia Export Performance Stable
-Export in First half of 2014 reached 67 thousand units of Completely Build up-

Jakarta, July 25, 2014 - PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) announced the achievement of export volume in the first half of 2014. Toyota CBU (Completely Build-up) exports recorded a figure of 67,757 units, increased 10.7 % compared to the same period in 2013 which was 61,229 units.

Indonesian family pride car, Innova completes export achievement by donating 7,629 units or 11.3% of the total volume of Toyota CBU exports. Fortuner recorded a figure of 24,194 units or approximately 35.7% of total volume of Toyota CBU exports. Three types of Toyota new export products, namely Vios, Yaris and Agya donating 9,469 units or 13.9% of total Toyota CBU exports. Other models that are exported are Avanza, Rush, and Town/Lite Ace with each number by 18,789, 513 and 7,163 units, or 39.2% of the total volume of Toyota exports. The total value of Toyota CBU export  in the first half of 2014 was amounted to USD 633.8 million.

"In 2014 we have 3 types of new export products. Those are Vios, Yaris and Agya which began to be exported in early 2014. The export existence of three new products is a manifestation of our commitment to increase export activity", said Warih Andang Tjahjono - Vice President Director TMMIN.


Continuity of Vehicle Components Export

In addition to CBU exports, TMMIN also exports vehicle components in the form of CKD (Complete Knock Down), gasoline engines for IMV vehicles *, and also components/parts to other countries. Throughout the first half of 2014, Toyota has exported more than 20,800 units of CKD to 6 countries, 25,000 of complete engines to 12 countries and 48,000 units of components in the form of cylinder head ke Thailand. The export value of Indonesian Toyota vehicle components throughout January to June 2014 amounted to USD 236.4 million. So the overall value of exports Toyota vehicles in the form of whole or parts of vehicles in the first six months of 2014 amounted to USD 870.2 million.

In June, Toyota Indonesia announced one of milestones about the achievement of components export performance that has exceeded 100 thousand containers.
"We hope that Toyota Indonesia can contribute actively in the deepening field of automotive industry, especially component industries that involving local suppliers with the continuity of the shipment of products that not only export in the form of CBU, but also in the form of engine and vehicle components," said I Made Fund agile, Director TMMIN.

Toyota started the first export activity in 1987. In that time, Kijang Super or Kijang 3rd Generation became the mainstay of Toyota export. Still in very small amounts, about 50 units, Kijang for the first time was exported to global market especially to countries in Asia Pacific region. Toyota export activity has increased significantly since the starting of IMV project in 2004. Currently, Toyota Indonesia has 72 export destinations.

"Toyota Indonesia has became production base and export that is reckoned in Asia-Pacific region. For the future, we will continue to work to improve the competitiveness among ASEAN countries in anticipating ASEAN Economy Community 2015 ", says Masahiro Nonami, President of TMMIN.

On the other hand, the government continues to encourage the increase of export volume of industrial products in Indonesia. Provision of infrastructure such as the availability of energy, new port in West Java, and also the support for the ease of customs systems, will help the increasing of international competitiveness of export products made in Indonesian industry.

Overall, in 2014 Toyota CBU exports are expected to grow by 30% compared to the total exports of Toyota CBU exports in 2013. "It is expected that the target could be achieved by increasing exports to Middle East market, especially for Vios sedan," says Warih.


The Support of Qualified Human Resources

Toyota Indonesia export activities are closely related to the support of qualified human resources. In accordance with the spirit of "We build people before the build products", Toyota makes the employees as the most important asset in presenting vehicles with global quality.

Toyota Indonesia has several instruments of human resource development including training, idea suggestion (improvement ideas), Quality Control Cycle (QCC), and engage employees in the skills competition at national, regional, and international level.

QCC is one of the flagship programs of Toyota Indonesia in terms of human resource development. QCC is a small group consisting of direct operating personnel who work continuously to control and improve the quality of work, products, and services.
Besides of the independent operation, this group also utilizes a concepts quality control technique and repairs the other work tools, craving up creativity members, with promoting self-development and team development. The background of the QCC is a process improvement activity at Toyota which not Top-Down, always focus on improvement process, and an active participating of every employees in every improvement process. QCC in Toyota Indonesia has produce more than 990 themes group annually, and approximately 15 thousand individual ideas improvement each month.
Regularly, Toyota Indonesia also provides a briefing session and opportunity for employees to participate in competitions skill both nationally and internationally. Recently, Toyota Indonesia achieved a top three in the Asia-Pacific Skill Contest among Toyota affiliates which held in Thailand.

“The essence of the various activities of human resource development is how to improve the capability of technicians and engineers to increase their knowledge and experience“, said Warih

According to the spirit of Toyota Indonesia that is "Toyota Berbagi" (Together Building Indonesia) committed to continually grow and develop the community through the development of products that fit with customers needs, increased production activity, export, distribution, and after-sales service as well as social initiatives along an effort to provide a significant contribution in Indonesia’s automotive industry development.


Overview PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

 Head Office        North Jakarta, Indonesia
 Establishment          12 April 1971
 (Was first established with name PT. Toyota-Astra Motor)
 President Director        Masahiro Nonami
 Shareholders         Toyota Motor Corporation (95%), PT. Astra International (5%)
 Staff      8,400 person  (per June 2014)


Information Plant  PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN)

 Plant      Plant 1 Karawang         Plant 2 Karawang        New engine plant     Plant 1 Sunter       Plant 2 Sunter
 Location    Karawang, Indonesia     North Jakarta, Indonesia
 Starting Production  1998     2013     Semester pertama 2016  1973     1977
 Line-up Production  Kijang Innova;
 Etios Valco
 Machine for Passenger car      Mesin TR      Stamping parts/
dies; castings
 The annual  production capacity 130.000 unit     120.000 unit      216.000 unit      Machine : 195,000 unit;
 Iron castings: 12,000 ton


Export Destinations

PRODUCT   Export Destinations
 CBU  Kijang  Innova    Thailand, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Uni Emirate Arab, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Africa Selatan, America Latin, Carribean
 Fortuner   Qatar, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Jordanian, Lebanon, Syria, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Filipina, Nigeria, Ghana, America Latin, Carribean
 Vios      UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, Lebanon, Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman
 Yaris      Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore
Avanza     Thailand, Brunei, South Africa, Mexico, Filipina, Syria, Egypt, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Jordanian, Lebanon, Tahiti, Nigeria, Mozambique, Kenya, Angola, Madagascar, Mauritius, West Africa, Pakistan, Fiji, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Seychelles, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen
 Rush       Malaysia
 Town  Ace/ 
 Lite Ace  
 CKD  Filipina, Malaysia, Vietnam, Venezuela, Egypt, Kazakhstan
 Component Filipina, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, China, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Australia, Africa Selatan, Egypt, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina
 Engine         Utuh   Argentina, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Filipina, Africa Selatan, Thailand, Taiwan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Kazakhstan
 Cyl.  Head       Thailand


*Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle; Vehicle Series ”Hi-Lux” (3 tipe truk pick-up), ”Fortuner” (SUV) and  ”Kijang Innova” (MPV)

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