Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

09 May 2018

Toyota Indonesia inaugurated the Bamboo Garden Arboretum

Toyota Indonesia inaugurated the Bamboo Garden Arboretum

Karawang - Tuesday (10/4), Toyota Indonesia through Toyota Forest program doing the reforestation of TMMIN Karawang Plant #3 by building "Bamboo Garden Arboretum". In order to support TMMIN Karawang Plant #3 as "Green Factory" and support IGA Program (Income Generating Activity) for the surrounding society, PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) with Karawang District Government through Karawang Environment and Sanitary Department (DLHK) inaugurated the Bamboo Garden Arboretum.

The inauguration ceremony of Bamboo Garden Arboretum was attended by Director of PT TMMIN Bpk. Toermoedi, Chairman of Union Workers Throughout Indonesia, Bpk. Khairul Anwar, Head of the related Division and Non-Governmental Organization as the planting executor.

On this occasion also attended by Chairman of Bamboo Indonesia and Chairman of the Indonesian Bamboo Crafts Foundation, Bpk. H. Jatnika. The inauguration was indicated by bamboo planting and the signing of a joint commitment as a representation of caring and responsibility towards the Bamboo Conservation as a plant of a million benefits especially in TMMIN Karawang Plant #3.

Bamboo is a type of wild grass that has a tubular stem and easily adjust to any existing soil and weather. While Bamboo Arboretum is an enrichment bamboo species concept with a planting process that combines elements of aesthetics and conservation functions, which can be used as protection from erosion and water conservation.In the Bamboo Garden Arboretum at TMMIN Karawang Plant #3 is planted about 1500 stems with 17 species of bamboo species.