Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

26 May 2015

Toyota Indonesia Maintained 30% Export Growth

Toyota Indonesia Maintained 30% Export Growth

Toyota Indonesia Maintained 30% Export Growth

Jakarta – PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) announced its 30% export growth for Toyota’s brand CBU (Completely Built-up Unit) vehicles from January to April 2015. The total export for the first four months in 2015 reached up to 60,000 units which increases compared to the same period last year with a total of 46,000 units.

“We are truly pleased with this achievement, however we would continue maintain a positive export growth rate throughout the year. Therefore, the expected 10% increase target which has been set earlier this year can be achieved well”, said Warih Andang Tjahjono, Vice President Director of TMMIN.

The biggest contribution comes from Fortuner, Vios, and Avanza sales reaching 45,800 units or around 76% from the total export. Fortuner’s export volume remains the largest with a total of 17,900 units, an increase of 5% compared to last year. Second largest export volume is contributed by Vios with a total of 14,900 units or a 300% increase which makes this model the biggest contributor for export growth in the first four months of 2015. The next biggest export volume is contributed by Avanza with a total of 13,000 units or a 4% increase compared to last year.

High export growth rate is also achieved by Agya’s export reaching 4,200 units or a 54% increase compared to January-April 2014 with 2,700 units. Kijang Innova export volume is increased to 5,400 units compared to last year with 5,300 units. On the other hand, other exports come from Town Lite/Town Ace model, Rush, and Yaris with a total of 4,600 units.

Export to the Middle East is Still the Largest

Judging from the export destination for TMMIN manufactured CBU vehicles; the largest demand is still coming from the Middle East region with a total shipment of 29,200 units or 49% from the total export from January to April 2015. The demand from this region raised sharply, an 83% increase compared to the same period in 2014 with a total of 16,000 units. The increase mainly comes from Saudi Arabia, the largest market with a volume of 20,800 units or about 35% of Toyota brand vehicle export.

TMMIN manufactured cars in the Asia market reached an estimated 7,000 units with the largest share coming from Fortuner which reached 6,000 units. Export to Latin America countries reached 1,300 units, while Africa region and other countries reached up to 600 units.

“This export performance helped balance TMMIN’s production to keep growing with a composition of 54% export market and 46% domestic market”, said Warih.

In addition to CBU vehicles, TMMIN also export other products in the form of CKD (Completely Knock Down) vehicles with a volume of 13,200 units. Engine export reached up to 16,000 units, mostly gasoline engine reaching 12,600 units and the remaining ethanol engine reaching 3,400 units. In addition, engine components are successfully exported reaching more than 20 million units.

Director of Corporate and External Relations Toyota, I Made Dana Tangkas stated that Toyota is committed in growing with the people of Indonesia in accordance with the spirit of Toyota Berbagi (Bersama Membangun Negeri) through the provision of products and technologies according to customer needs, taking part on the development of national automotive industry, as well as actively participate in social activities. (*)