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08 November 2018

Toyota Indonesia Passionately Supports Asian Games 2018

Toyota Indonesia Passionately Supports Asian Games 2018

Jakarta – Toyota Indonesia shows their enthusiasm and devotion towards sports by supporting the success of the Asia sport event, Asian Games 2018, held in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia, from the 18th of August until the 2nd of September 2018. Toyota Indonesia’s support was proven by attending the sport match from different kinds of sport branches in Asian Games 2018, and also held the Toyota Indonesia Sports Day event, which was held in 4th of August 2018. Toyota Indonesia’s participation in Asian Games 2018 was done to support Indonesia as the host in running Asian Games 2018, to support the athletes that participated (especially the athletes from Indonesia), and also cultivating the “Start Your Impossible” spirit in each other to achieve desired dreams.

“What an awesome experience! Hoping that Toyota can support many sport events and the members will get a chance like this in the future.” – Fajar Adhi K, Technical Government Affairs Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia, “Thank you Toyota Indonesia, we and the students of IPB are very happy to be given the chance to watch Asian Games directly.” – Prof. Aris Purwanto,  Deputy Rector Institut Pertanian Bogor.

Toyota Indonesia attends the match from nine different sport branches in Asian Games 2018 together with the students from Toyota Indonesia Academy (TIA), students from SMK Texar, one of the school fostered by Toyota Indonesia, and also students from various Universities that has a collaboration connection with Toyota Indonesia. The nine sport branches attended by Toyota Indonesia includes Water Polo, Volleyball, Archery, Jujitsu, Badminton, Athletics, Football, Table Tennis, and also Basketball, with various match venues located in Jabodetabek area, and also Beach Volleyball which was held in Palembang, South Sumatera.