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15 May 2018

Toyota Indonesia Tourism Park Actualize The Ecosystem Diversity

Toyota Indonesia Tourism Park Actualize The Ecosystem Diversity

Tawangmangu, Solo - Toyota Indonesia through Toyota Forest Program today (Saturday / January 27, 2018) again showed its afforestation commitment by building "Bukit Taman Wisata" (Tourism Park Hill) by planting sakura trees in Tlogodringo village, Gondosuli Village (Cemoro Kandang) Tawangmangu Karanganyar Regency, Central Java . At this first planting, Toyota Indonesia will plant 60 Sakura trees. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo; Karanganyar Regent Juliyatmono; Counselor, Trade, Invest, & Industry Japanese Embassy in Indonesia Taro Araki; Deputy Chief of Mission of the Japanese Embassy in Indonesia Kozo Honsei; and President Director of PT TMMIN Warih Andang Tjahjono.

Sakura Park and Hill built by Toyota Indonesia became the only Sakura park and hill on the downhill of Mount Lawu Karanganyar District which in the future will be developed as a unique tourist attraction in Central Java. The total area of this park is for 1.2 hectares from the total planned 5 hectares in 5 years. Next step until March 2018, Toyota Indonesia will replant 40 sakura trees.

In planting and seeding this Sakura, Toyota Indonesia in cooperation with Perhutani, BPPTP DAS (Ministry of Environment and Forestry), LIPI (Cibodas Botanical Garden), and Sebelas Maret University. This means that active participation from the Academy, Business, Community, and Government are involved in planting and seeding these sakura. The inauguration of this park is a testament to the commitment and seriousness of TMMIN in contributing to environmental conservation. It is expected that this sakura tourist park besides giving more beauty to Tawangmangu city it is also a tourism park with a pride of the local society.

"Through the spirit of" Toyota Berbagi, "TMMIN through Toyota's Forest activities provides afforestation movement by working involving an active participation from the academy, government, community, surrounding communities and the Japanese Embassy for Indonesia Sakura plant is a symbol of friendship that has well established for 60 years between Indonesia and Japan. In the future, Bukit Taman Wisata Toyota is expected to take part on a positive contribution to the ecosystem and the quality of the environment and quality of life from the local people, "said Warih Andang Tjahjono President Director of PT TMMIN

Tawangmangu Society Participation

Tawangmangu is a natural tourist area of the mountains located in the highlands of the border of Central Java and East Java. This district is located on the downhill of Lawu Mountain so it has a cool temperature and it is suitable with the character of Sakura plant. This natural park can be used as a conservation area of Sakura plant. The existence of a tourism park in Tawangmangu can improve its positive image as the famous beauty eco tourism in Central Java.

Toyota Indonesia strives to give a real contribution for environment protection and the welfare of society through the existence of the tourism park hill. Toyota cooperates with the surrounding society to taking care of the tourist park for the next 5 years to form this tourism park consist of hundreds of sakaura trees. Tourism park that has the uniqueness of this sakura plant not only give more natural beauty in form of ecosystems diversity but also can be utilized as forest tourism and natural recreation that helped increase the economic and social sustainability of Tawangmangu citizens.

The Positive Achievement of Toyota Forest

Toyota Indonesia gives great attention to the environment preservation and strives continuously to engage in activities that have a positive impact on the nature conditions especially through Toyota Forest activities. The cultivation of sakura trees in the Tawangmangu tourism park give more afforestation activities in Indonesia. Until 2018, TMMIN has planted more than 1,300,000 trees throughout Indonesia. In the same year TMMIN proclaimed the greening movement by planting 300,000 trees so that the ideals to preserve the ecosystem on the north coast of Java can be achieved.

Toyota Indonesia is keen to participate in act of environmental conservation through Toyota Forest activities in the form of tree planting and maintenance which started since 2003. Not only to preserve the environment, Toyota Forest is also built to provide value added to the surrounding society through Income Generating Activity.

For more than 45 years in Indonesia, Toyota Indonesia's commitment is to grow and develop in harmony with society and the environment. To actualize that commitment, Toyota Indonesia always strives to align its sustainability strategy with the spirit of "Toyota Berbagi" (BERSama MemBAnGun Indonesia) consisting of three main pillars of Product Development and Technology, Industrial Development, and Social Responsibility (CSR).

Minutes of PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

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Eshtablishment April 1971 (first eshtablish with the name PT. Toyota-Astra Motor)
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