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04 May 2017

Toyota return with the Predicate "The Best Indonesia Green Awards 2017"

Toyota return with the Predicate

Toyota Indonesia return with the Predicate
"The Best Indonesia Green Awards 2017"
-Achieve 12 Awards at Indonesia Green Awards 2017-

Jakarta - Toyota Indonesia is represented by PT. Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) and PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) managed to regain no less than 12 awards from 5 major categories and 1 best category in the assessment of Indonesia Green Awards (IGA) 2017 organized by La Tofi School of CSR on Wednesday (03/05). TAM and TMMIN were even awarded the title of "The Best Indonesia Green Awards 2017" after winning all the categories contested in the IGA 2017. The award was handed over directly by the Chairman of The La Tofi School of CSR La Tofi to the Corporate & External Affairs Director of PT TMMIN I Made Dana Tangkas And Director of Finance & Administration PT. Toyota-Astra Motor, Darmawan Widjaja.

La Tofi School of CSR is a non-governmental organization founded by academics and environmental activists since 2010. The IGA award is awarded for Earth Day which is commemorated annually on April 22nd. IGA 2017 this time followed by 31 participants from multinational companies to SOEs that continues to increase every year.

"We would like to express our gratitude that Toyota Indonesia's care for the surrounding environment through our CSR activities is appreciated through this award, and this award is a trigger for the spirit to continue contributing not only in the environment but also in other social areas such as education and society , "Said Director of Corporate & External Affairs TMMIN I Made Dana Tangkas.

Based on the assessment of the jury team consisting of experts and environmentalists, Toyota Indonesia succeeded in clearing all awards from 5 categories: Rescue Water Resources, Energy Saving and Use of New and Renewable Energy, Development of Biodiversity, Pioneer Pollution Prevention, Develop Integrated Waste Processing.

In the category of Water Resources Rescue, Toyota Indonesia CSR activities are realized through the planting and education of water management to the students and surrounding communities in Gunung Loji Sanggabuana - Karawang. Toyota also always invites the active role of Gen Y involvement in SMK AI Muslim in the action of water savings, so that will form a generation that is environmentally friendly. The program is structured in such a way that students, schools, and families are directly and actively involved, not only the object of the Gen-Y Water Saving Action. This participative role, a stimulus for program expansion, so the program becomes faster and wider implemented.

In the Biodiversity Development Category, Toyota participates in turtle conservation through donation activities, education through a turtle knowledge enlightenment program to all stakeholders in Ujung Genteng regarding the importance of maintaining the turtle populations. This contribution is expected to have a positive impact on the turtle population. In addition, Toyota is also planting trees in various regions of Indonesia in CSR activities themed "Toyota Forest" which has provided positive benefits in the presence of a bird house that spread in the forest of Toyota.

While on the assessment in the category of Energy Saving and Use of New and Renewable Energy, Toyota Indonesia successfully support the idea of electrical generator system by students of SMK in Karawang which has also been presented to the Governor of West Java. Toyota also constantly stimulates other Gen Ys to play an active role in eco-friendly lifestyle, in saving electricity for energy sustainability in order to participate in supporting government programs that reduce household electricity consumption by 10%.

In the assesment of Pioneering Pollution Prevention, Toyota seeks to harmonize the Toyota Global 2050 Vision in the field of environment that is relegated to every authorized Toyota distributor, especially in Indonesia. In the spirit of Kaizen through "Small Act Big Impact", Toyota Indonesia targets a 10% reduction in CO2 gas for daily activities by involving the active participation from all stakeholders. Meanwhile, Toyota's work environment at Karawang Plant 1 and Karawang Plant 2 is supported by the existence of Toyota Forest that helps prevent and reduce pollution.

Furthermore, in the assessment of Developing Integrated Waste Management, Toyota through CSR program of Toyota employees who collaborate with environmental community in Perum Persada Depok and supported by Depok City Government since 2013 has conducted inorganic waste management program, followed by organic waste management and Residue by 2015. Integrated waste treatment is also done in Toyota's own environment, such as through the presence of waste processing at Toyota Sunter 1 factory.

"The environment is where we grow and developed together. Our survival is determined by the quality of our environment. Therefore, to maintain its sustainability is our shared responsibility. Toyota is committed to continue to invite various parties, develop creative efforts, especially with the younger generation, to play an active role in preserving the environment, "said Director of Finance & Administration PT. Toyota-Astra Motor, Darmawan Widjaja.

Since its presence in Indonesia 45 years ago, Toyota Indonesia continues to improve its contribution to society, both through product and industry development, as well as various social activities, including active in the field of environmental conservation. Toyota's commitment to environmental management is realized by meeting government terms, global standards, and internal environmental standards including environmentally friendly manufacturing processes by applying green logistics, CO2 emissions reduction efforts and energy resources through enhancement Efficiency by making innovations, using energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies (new and renewable energy), and implementing reducing, reuse and recycle activities.

Besides IGA event, a number of other environmental awards have also been achieved by Toyota, among others, Marketing Green Award as "The Best in Green Marketing" in 2012, predicate "Low Emissions and Low Fuel Consumption Vehicles" by KLH Public Expose Sky Blue in 2011 , "Eco Friendly Car" by Automotive Award through Toyota Prius in 2010, and "Green Living Achievement" at Autocar Reader Choice Award 2009. (*)