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18 October 2016

Video of the Journey of Toyota Kijang Wins An International Award

Video of the Journey of Toyota Kijang Wins An International Award

Video of the Journey of Toyota Kijang Wins An International Award


Jakarta – Video of Toyota Kijang’s long journey in Indonesia produced by agency SAM Creative Group Indonesia and PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN), wins Gold Dolphin award for Corporate Videos category at The Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards event held in Cannes – France on October 13, 2016. The award was handed over by Alexander V. Kammel as Festival Director of The Cannes Media and TV Awards to SAM CGI Director Prasetyo Hermanto and TMMIN Vice President Director Warih Andang Tjahjono

“We are very pleased that Toyota Kijang’s long journey video wins the prestigious Gold Dolphin award in Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards. Our congratulation goes to SAM Creative Group Indonesia who has proven that Indonesia’s creative industry is able to compete at the international level. We hope that this award will trigger all of us to continuously develop industrial competence in Indonesia so that we could contribute to Indonesia,” said Warih Andang Tjahjono after receiving the Gold Dolphin. 

The Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards is an international festival for corporate movie, online media, and TV production. This event was held since 2010 and organized by Filmservice International. Participants come from all around the world and this year a total of 989 videos competed.

The winning video titled “Toyota Kijang, Inspiration from Indonesia for The World” was produced as a part of the line off ceremony for the All New Kijang Innova, the 6th generation of Indonesia’s legendary car: Kijang. The storyline of this video was intended to represent the long history, challenges, and opportunities faced by Toyota Indonesia in developing Kijang with global quality to fulfil the needs of domestic and export market.

Started with first production and sales in 1977, 1st generation of Kijang or widely known as “Kijang Buaya” was introduced with a local content of 19 percent and a simple box body shape to meet with Indonesian consumer needs for multi purpose vehicles as commercial and family transportation purposes. At that time, Kijang Buaya was produced in Sunter Plant – North Jakarta.

Gradually, Toyota Indonesia make serious efforts to increase local content and involves more local suppliers so that Kijang models could fulfil Toyota Indonesia’s commitment to continuously  contribute more and more toward Indonesian automotive industry. Now, the latest Kijang model called “The All New Kijang Innova” has a local content level of 85 percent, involving 99 first tier local suppliers, and have dozens of local engineers take parts in its development from start to finish. Investment to manufacture the All New Kijang Innova reaches 4.9 trillion rupiah.  

Development of Kijang model from the initial to the final stage since the first generation always involves dozens of local engineer. The local engineers translated the wishes of consumers Indonesia together with their colleagues in Japan so that each generation Kijang marketed really reflect and meet the needs and preferences of consumers in Indonesia. This is because Indonesia is the key priority in the development of Kijang models.

“Since the first generation, Kijang is designed and developed by taking into account to the conditions and needs of Indonesian consumers. Toyota involves dozens of local engineers in each development of Kijang, ranging from design creation to the test in various road conditions in Indonesia. Kijang models not only reflect Indonesia’s consumer tastes but also an example of global products made by Indonesians,” said Warih.

The All New Kijang Innova is produced in TMMIN Karawang Plant 1 and its gasoline engine, called TR-K, is produced in TMMIN Sunter 1 Plant and TMMIN Sunter 2 Plant. Overall, TMMIN manufacturing facility consist of 5 plants that produce 7 vehicle models (Kijang Innova, Fortuner, Etios Valco, Yaris, Vios, Limo and Sienta) and 2 type of engines each powered by gasoline and ethanol fuel (TR-K and R-NR). As much as 9,500 employees are working in all of these facilities. Meanwhile, production volume of Kijang has been increasing from 2,000 units in 1977 to an average of 60,000 units annually in the last 5 years.

Kijang model is also the first model being exported by Toyota Indonesia in 1987 with a volume of around 500 units annually to ASEAN countries and Pacific region. Kijang has then became one of Toyota Indonesia’s backbone for export. For the last 5 years, export of CBU Kijang Innova reached an average of 16,000 units annually to countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Carribea and Middle East region.

 “Toyota Kijang video is a track record of our commitment to continuously fulfill Indonesia’s customer needs and to contribute to the development of Indonesia automotive industry, with the spirit for increasing investment, production facilities, product quality, local content and involvement of local supplier, and also human resource capability,” said Warih Andang Tjahjono.(*)

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