Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

19 March 2019

Vocational Education as The Main Gate to Create an Industrial Competitivene

Vocational Education as The Main Gate to Create an Industrial Competitivene

Sukabumi, West Java - Toyota Indonesia consistently provides support for government programs in developing HR competencies. The Indonesian Government through the Ministry of Industry had conducted a series of industrial vocational education programs in several regions such as South Sulawesi, East Java, Central Java, and West Java. Nowadays, Toyota Indonesia had donated 5 cars and 5 engines as an educational practice tools to 5 vocational schools built by Toyota. In total, Toyota Indonesia had donated 25 vehicles and 25 engine units to support this vocational education programs series. Toyota also contributed to the teachers through a symbolic certification "Teachers’ Professionalism Enhancement" to 30 teachers from 6 Vocational Schools that became Toyota's target in West Java.

The event was attended by Airlangga Hartarto, Minister of Industry; Muhadjir Effendy, Minister of Education and Culture; Ridwan Kamil, Governor of West Java; Harjanto, Director General of ILMATE (Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment & Electronics) Industry; and the Management of Toyota Indonesia. To encounter the industrial revolution 4.0, vocational development that is also a particular concern to the Indonesian Government is essential in preparing qualified human resources in achieving highly competitive domestic industries.

The strong synergy between the Government and industry agents is a crucial key to this vocational education program. It is due to the stakeholders involved in this educational vocational program will be able to accelerate the creation of ecosystems which support the formation of human resources quality through the provision of training facilities that apply the latest technology and curriculum development that refers to industrial developments. Thus, the link and match can roll faster.

"In addition to provide facilities with the educational teaching aids, Toyota also actively participated in the revitalization of educational vocation programs by providing certified trainings for teachers and industrial culture classes. In the future, curriculum development will be our focus. The curriculum that is currently available at the Toyota Indonesia Community Academy (AKTI) will be developed to be adopted by Vocational Schools. Therefore, it is expected that vocational school graduates will be provided by briefings to the up-to-date skills. Hence, their skill would be well-accepted by the work field", stated Bob Azam, the Director of Administration, Corporate and External Relations, PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) representing Toyota Indonesia Management.

Growing and developing with Indonesian people for almost 5 decades, Toyota had increasingly established its consistency and commitment in the development of the automotive industry through various series of CSR activities in the field of education.