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17 January 2019

Vocational Industry StrengthenThe Human Resources Competency Foundation

Vocational Industry StrengthenThe Human Resources Competency Foundation

Makassar – Indonesian Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) has designed Making Indonesia 4.0 as an integrated roadmap to implement some strategies to enter industry 4.0 era. In order to success the plan, involvement of all stakeholders, from government institution, association and industry players, to academics are really matters.

One of substantial step to support the Revolution of Industry 4.0 is the enhancement of human resources through link and match between education and industry in vocational program. This effort is carried out in synergy in the midst of related ministries which are Ministry of Industry in conjunction with Ministry of National Development Planning, Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Education and Culture, also Ministry of Science and Technology. The Industry Vocational Program is also a follow-up action from President’s Instruction (Inpres) No. 9 in 2016 about Revitalization of Vocational High School in order to Improve T¬he Quality and Competitiveness Indonesian Human Resources as well Industry Minister’s command No. 3 in 2017 about Direction of Development and Training Vocational High School with Competency Basis that Link and Match with the industry.

As a company that engaged in automotive sector - one of 5 industry sectors specimen that strengthen the country’s fundamental structure (food and beverage, automotive, electronic, chemical and textile industry), Toyota Indonesia actively involves be a part of this industry vocational program.

During the Industry Vocational Program Launching in 5 cities by Minister of Industry of Indonesian Republic located in PT KIMA (Kawasan Industri Makassar) Makassar, South Sulawesi, Toyota donated educational properties in the form of 5-unit vehicle intact. The symbolic handover is given by Administration, Corporate and External Relations Director of PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN), Bob Azam together with Director of PT Toyota-AstraMotor (TAM), Darmawan Widjaja to the 5 representative of Vocational High School which are trained by Toyota that is witnessed by Indonesian Minister of Industry, Airlangga Hartanto and Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture, Muhajir Effendy. The 5 representative of vocational high school that are given the educational properties are SMK 5 Makassar, SMK 2 Palopo, SMKN 2 Manado, SMKN 3 Palu and SMKN 2 Kendari.

In addition to the educational properties, Toyota Indonesia also will support in the form of curriculum transfer which is still being tested at some vocational high school in Central Java region.

Darmawan Widjaja, said that fundamentally Toyota support all of government’s works to increase the number of human resources competency and education quality in Indonesia. The principle is applied in Toyota Technical Education Program (TTEP) that has been run since 1991 in cooperation with some vocational high school in the country. The support were given in the form of manual training, recent curriculum development, training for teachers, Toyota’s technical guidance book, opportunity for doing work practice at Toyota and educational properties such as Toyota’s vehicle. 

“In the future, hopefully we can continuously give our support to education development in Indonesia and then we can contribute in upgrading quality skill in automotive sector for students at vocational high schools,’ Darmawan said. 

“Vocational industry program is very strategical in increasing industry’s competitiveness through human resources development. In other hand, vocational can provide workforce who are ready to directly join to industrial world, especially if supported with specific certification,” said Bob Azam.

Previously, TMMIN also has been cooperated with vocational high school in West Java and gave 142-unit education properties that contain of 11 car unit, 74 machine unit and 57 transmission unit to 39 vocational high school that spread in Jawa Barat. The cooperation is a part of TMMIN contribution in Vocational Industry in order to Build Link and Match between vocational high school and industry in West Java region that held by Indonesian Ministry of Industry in Cikarang-West Java in 2017.

TMMIN has been prepared and implemented Vocational Industry Program that run in 6 months, contains of fundamental skills deepening and direct practice in production lines in TMMIN’s factories. The availability of provided majors are relating to automotive manufacture such as logistic, maintenance, molding and production management.

Now TMMIN has capacity of 100 student, job seekers and workers in Vocational Industry Program. For the next TMMIN plan to increase the capacity of participant become 400-student, job seekers and workers. As many as 42 Toyota’s certified trainers are deployed to create class curriculum and practice also train the TMMIN’S Vocational Industry Program participants will received BNSP and/ or Toyota certification that suitable with the major which they have chosen.

The willingness to grow, synergize with the government and together evolve with nation and society in all aspects have been fulfil Toyota’s journey in Indonesia for more than 45 years. In “Toyota Berbagi” program (Toyota, Bersama Membangun Indonesia) which was launched in 2013, Toyota has set 3 pillars of commitment to nation and Indonesia society, they are product and technology, industrial development, and corporate social responsibility. Toyota commits to continuously contribute to the society through increasing production, export and social contribution in Indonesia. (*)