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22 April 2015

YTA Efforts to Strengthen the Competence of Automotive Technology Graduates

YTA Efforts to Strengthen the Competence of Automotive Technology Graduates

Press Release

Jakarta, April 22, 2015




Efforts to Strengthen the Competence of Automotive Technology Graduates






Starting from the desire to contribute in Indonesia’s development, Toyota & Astra Foundation (YTA) has been developing various education programs since 1974, from helping the financially less fortunate students by giving scholarships to contributing to competency increase by providing education tool.

“Various YTA programs have always been done in line with the dynamics and challenges of educational development in Indonesia,” said Suparno Djasmin, YTA Board of Supervisors.

According to Suparno Djasmin, initially YTA concentrated more on helping the less fortunate students by giving scholarships in cash. However, along with the various progresses made by Indonesia and the increasing development challenges, there is also high demand for more competent human resources to compete in today’s global competition.

“Global competition definitely affects the automotive industry which is one of the sectors included in the scheme of priorities in the implementation of the ASEAN free market or the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) starting later this year,” said Suparno Djasmin.

As an implementation for that vision, YTA collaborates with Indonesian Engineer Association (Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia - PII) to hold public lectures aimed to provide motivational education for the students’ soft skill development, and as a medium to discuss various challenges in Indonesia and strategy to encounter competitors in the future.

This public lecture is part of YTA 40th Anniversary celebrations series started on October 9th, 2014. The public lectures had started since November 2015 and will continue until May 2015.

Five universities had held these public lectures; they are Surabaya Institute of Technology, Bandung Institute of Technology, Gadjah Mada University, Diponegoro University, University of North Sumatra, and today at University of Indonesia. In May, public lecture will be held at Hassanuddin University. 

In addition to the public lectures, YTA also donates 18 cars for 18 chosen Vocational Schools and Universities. Today, a total of 2 Toyota Vios was donated to the Engineering Faculty of University of Indonesia and to Jakarta Polytechnic to help learning process in these education institutions.

In this opportunity, the public lecture is held in the Engineering Faculty of University of Indonesia speakers from Toyota Indonesia and Indonesian Engineer Association.

YTA’s Board of Supervisor, Suparno Djasmin, stated that Toyota Indonesia has always participated actively in increasing the education quality in Indonesia. One of the ways is through YTA programs.

“YTA comes with a spirit that Toyota and Astra would not focus merely on business activity developments, but also to grow alongside Indonesian and contribute in raising the nation’s quality of intelligence,” said Suparno Djasmin in an opening of today’s public lecture in Universitas Indonesia.

Up to now, YTA had given scholarships and research funding in the education sector to 92,713 students from elementary school to university.

For more than 40 years of its existence, YTA had spent more than IDR 64 billion worth of scholarships, research funding, and educational donations such as education tools, vehicle engines, even books.

Suparno Djasmin said that today’s public lecture in University of Indonesia is also a part of YTA’s commitment in increasing Indonesia’s intelligence quality. With a theme of “Towards World Class Engineers”, key note speakers are expected to share their knowledge and experience to all participants.

He added that in the future, YTA is expected to continue on-going activities as a part of YTA’s commitment in contributing towards educating the nation.

Meanwhile, YTA’s Supervisory Board, Edward Otto Kanter, emphasized on the importance of the local engineers’ role in supporting Indonesia’s economy development.

“Skilled and competent engineers are needed to increase Indonesia’s competitiveness in the increasingly fierce global economy, especially in facing the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community. Because of that, YTA intends to support the education in this technical field,” said Edward.

Edward explained that YTA also sought to make activities that supports prevalent education throughout Indonesia. “Equal distribution of human resources, especially local engineers, is very much needed in order for economic development to be enjoyed by all Indonesians,” added Edward.

Last year YTA celebrated their 40th anniversary. As an expression of their gratitude and thanks for YTA’s existence for 4 decades, YTA held a series of activities, consist of 40 vehicle engine handover to 40 selected SMK, celebration of 40th anniversary, also public lectures in universities along with Toyota car donations.