Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

Toyota has been a part of life in Indonesia for over than four decades with a long unforgettable story. Along the way, we accumulated many stories that we are more than happy to share. 

Throughout the course of four decades, we have made countless unforgettable stories, from the difficulty of challenges to the sweetness of success. These are our stories and our legacies, from which we learned the wisdom as provision for a better future.

We learn to cherish our achievements but we also consistently looking for ways to improve in everything we do. While we do know that your driving is personal, it never stops us from creating more and more benefits and added values for the good of the country and our communities in every possible. way 

You are what drives us. That is why the core values of our entire company from principles, concepts, and marketing including after sales services are built upon the ways you live from time to time. Much more than vehicles, our story also evolves around people. A team of people who shares the same passion to put their best skills and dedication to work each day in order to make great vehicles that helps you to go places in life. To a greater extent, we also challenge ourselves to keep making improvements and grow stronger in order to better contribute to Indonesia's automotive industry in general and local manufacturing industry in particular.

At its heart, our commitment has always been about bringing out the best in our communities and  the nation. Our business simply goes beyond making great cars. We also actively strive to improve the lives and welfare of our community. Because we will never be what we are today without the support, help, and cooperation from the communities and the country where we live and work. Because we are proud to be one of the most valuable assets to the country. We believe Toyota Indonesia is the best gift from and for the people of Indonesia.




Toyota Kijang is a commercial, family car model made by Toyota and it is also the most popular vehicle for MiniBus class in Indonesia.

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The History of Toyota Kijang