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PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing (TMMIN) is a subsidiary of the Toyota Motor Corporation.
TMMIN acts as a manufacturer and exporter of genuine Toyota products and parts.

Having grown with Indonesia for more than five decades, TMMIN continues to play an important role in the development of the automotive
industry by opening up opportunities for other supporting industries. Not only through quality resources, TMMIN is also supported by five factories with environmentally friendly technology that operate in Sunter and Karawang.

Company Name



Business Area

Vehicle, Engine, and Component Production

Vehicle, Engine, and Component Export

Vehicles Distribution

Service Part Distribution


Toyota Motor Corporation (95%)
Astra International (5%)
Toyota Motor Corporation (50%)
Astra International (50%)

TMMIN Performance Summary Until 2022

  • Cumulative Vehicle Production


  • Cumulative Engine Production


  • Cumulative Vehicle Export


About Us

PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) is one production and export base for vehicles and other components in the Asia Pacific region.
After growing for more than 50 years, the intention is not only to ensure Indonesia’s global market share for vehicles
but also to develop the potential human capital for manufacturing.

Strive to positive contribution the development of the Indonesian automotive industry by strengthening international competitiveness.
For this reason, continue expan production base in Indonesia with investment to open up job opportunities for Indonesia, improve the quality of human capital
through “transfer knowledge”, and promote the use of local components to strengthen networks with local business partners.

Export Destinations

TMMIN has successfully become a world-class manufacturing company that contributes to the trade balance
and the Indonesian automotive industry.

  • TMMIN exports complete vehicles (CBU), semi-finished vehicles (CKD), components, and production tools.

  • More Than



  • Latin America

  • Mexico,

  • Venezuela

  • Other 26 Countries

  • Africa

  • South Africa,

  • Nigeria,

  • Ghana

  • Other 10 Countries

  • Middle East

  • Saudi Arabia,

  • UAE,

  • Egypt,

  • Other 8 Countries

  • South Asia

  • Pakistan,

  • India,

  • Kazakhstan

  • Other 3 Countries

  • Southeast Asia

  • Philipines,

  • Malaysia,

  • Thailand

  • Other 2 Countries

  • East

  • Japan,

  • Taiwan,

  • China

  • Oceania

  • Australia,

  • Tahiti,

  • Fiji