In order to continuously produce the best quality products at affordable prices, TMMIN implements the Toyota Production System in every production activity. The method, in line with the 3M principle (Mura, Muda, Muri), aims to increase production efficiency by reducing unnecessary actions.

Production Process

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How We Produce Cars

You can follow the process of making a car,
starting from assembling through to the final quality product, by watching the following video.

1. Engineering & Development

2. Casting

3. Engine Production

4. Stamping

5. Welding

6. Painting

7. Assembly

8. Quality Control

9. Packing & Vanning

10. Shipping & Delivery

11. Quality Assurance

Toyota Production System

TMMIN's manufacturing from production process refers to two concepts, namely "Jidoka" which can be translated as automation with a human touch when the problem occurs, the equipment stops, and prevents production defects; and "Just-in-Time," where each process only produces items necessary for the following process.