Focus on Reliable Future Growth

Corporate Value

TMMIN Vision & Mission


To be the most competitive manufacturing company in Asia
To become a global manufacturing company that maintains and continues to expand the company business
To be the leading company in the development of environmentally friendly car technology in Indonesia


To contribute more to the nation & Toyota Global through the creation of sustainable
local models that meet customer & government expectations,
increase exports & human resource development.

TMMIN 7 Main Values

1. Integrity

We uphold the norms, ethics, and shared commitment consistently to maintain the company’s reputation.

2. Visionary

We produce high quality products and services that satisfy customers, contribute to the development of the Indonesian automotive industry and maintain the company's long-term sustainability.

3. Respect

We respect each other, optimize every ability and diversity through individual development to encourage the achievement of the best performance and the creation of mutual trust.

4. Ownership

We act with a sense of ownership, taking responsibility to do our best to achieve the best results.

5. Innovativeness

We realize breakthrough ideas and unique activities in order to realize change and transformation in order to increase the company's competitiveness.

6. Teamwork

We support each other while carrying out our own responsibilities to increase the team strength, build synergies through an integrated process chain and establish harmonious relationships with stakeholders to achieve mutual success.

7. Bad News First

We have the determination to report bad news immediately accompanied by sufficient facts and data to be able to take immediate and appropriate handling steps.

The Toyota Way

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