Mengedepankan Kualitas

Built in Quality


Not only does TMMIN make quality products, the company’s factories provide complete facilities, comfort
and focus on our employee to support production activities.

Friendly Factory

In carrying out our operational activities, we are committed to creating a clean, bright and comfortable work environment for employees.

Environtment Friendly

We strive to create lean and sustainable manufacturing processes through green factories that create a better future.

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Employee Friendly

Not only equipped with the best facilities and technology, we believe that a clean, bright, and comfortable work environment
can help employees to work optimally and efficiently in manufacturing the best products.


In a clean environment, employees can enjoy their work in comfort.


A bright work environment and factory conditions support high product quality.


We believe that employees are an important asset for the company. In order to optimize employees’ conditions,
we equip all factories with complete and comfortable facilities to meet the employees’ needs.