Toyota regards sustainable growth and the stable, long-term enhancement of corporate value as fundamental management priorities.
Building positive relationships with all stakeholders (including shareholders, customer, business partners, local communities, and employees)
and consistently providing products that deliver customer satisfaction are key to such. To this end, Toyota constantly seeks to enhance corporate governance.

Risk Management

TMMIN understands that it must actively meet various challenges as they arise. To that end, TMMIN seeks to manage these challenges
by strengthening its risk management structure to handle uncertainty and therefore minimize risk.

Initiatives in Information Security

TMMIN realizes that improving information security is important, and this means considering risks associated with company information systems that continue
to increase and expand in this era of digitalization.

As part of its corporate responsibility, TMMIN is committed to ensuring the security of personal data by improving its information security systems
through governance and risk management, and by following its Security Policy.


TMMIN conducts its business activities by applying the principles of compliance with all applicable ethics & rules in operations owned by Toyota Global,
and the authorities in each region (eg FCPA & UK Bribery Act), as well as regulations in Indonesia. Implementing compliance is a responsibility
for all Toyota People and the company.

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Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption (ABAC) Initiative

TMMIN consistently implements Toyota Global's ABAC policy. The company strives to practice and fulfill all obligations regarding the guidelines
and communicate this to internal & external stakeholders.